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A team who is truly greater than the sum of its parts


Just when you might of found yourself being sucked into the hype of a KU basketball squad being strapped for shooters, loss of bench players and lacking for overall talent look again.  This year has proven that hoops is a team game and with the right chemistry between players and coaches the sky is the limit, or at least it seams to be at KU.

Forget about the name of the program for just a minute.  Let’s think of them as just a basketball team.  Now let’s begin by taking 4 starters away from an accomplished squad from a year ago.  You are loosing 4 of your top scorers, top rebounders, top defensive players, top three point shooters, needless to say the list goes on and on.  Take all of that statistical body of work away and what remains?  Well for good reason ones subjective mind gravitates towards a true rebuilding year.  A year of grabbing what is left at the bottom of the barrel and molding those individuals into a new squad.  More emphasis being on what they will be next year and recruiting would overshadow a lack luster record that goes along with a typical rebuilding year.  For the most part this line of thinking would be correct, but we all forgot one little thing.  This is KU.


Bill Self is the catalyst for what in the beginning seemed impossible to actually be quite possible.  The ball coach knew what was lurking in the shadows.  He could see the potential that we were all looking past.  From day one this squad has definitely been out of character in many ways, except one, winning.


In my mind this squad is asserting itself as a true blue collar smack you in the face group than has been at KU for several years.  They aren’t going to beat you pretty, but they may beat you ugly.  There will be few teams that I would consider battle tested in the way KU has been from its early season scheduling.  Another testament to if you want to be the best you must first beat the best attitude.  This rebuilding group is flat out beating good teams at home, and on the road.


New recruits are in the background watching what they will get to be a part of very soon.  At Kansas you don’t turn it around as an incoming player, you merely contribute to what is already there.  Next year there are guys coming in contribute.  And the year after there will be more being asked to capitalizing on the legacy of this program in whatever way coach self asks of them.


A team who is truly greater than the sum of its parts is beginning a run for yet another big 12 season title.  We are just left to shake our heads and reflect on how nice it must be to be rebuilding after losing basically everyone relevant.  Rebuilding as a top ten nationally ranked team and leading the Big 12.