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Amdist Donald Sterling Ordeal, Shaquille O’Neal Mocks Man With Physical Condition


The NBA is currently up in arms over a leaked private conversation from alleged remarks made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling regarding blacks. Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal weighed in on the matter questioning if he (Sterling) should even continue to be an owner. Interestingly, Shaq then added “When your opinion and thoughts become public knowledge the question is, now what?

O’Neal has done big things on the court, but reached a real low off it


As I noted, Sterling’s remarks, whether right, wrong, or indifferent, were in a private setting. Shaq however, turned around and did a despicable act in his own right, and unlike Sterling, his were actually public!

Shaq (as well as other stars) mocked a Michigan man who suffers from “Ectodermal Dysplasia” (a condition that reduces ability to sweat, cause missing teeth, and abnormal hair growth). Jahmel Binion, who took a “selfie”, was mocked and ridiculed by Shaq and other stars such as rapper Waka Flocka by impersonating and making fun of the man’s condition by impersonating Binion facial expressions. Binion who even said he was a fan of Shaq’s was obviously hurt by his actions.

Going back to a statement O’Neal made regrading the Donald Sterling situation “When your opinions and thoughts become public knowledge, the question is, now what?” Well for starters an apology is in order. Second, I think Shaq and others should donate money to help fight the disease and aid in treatments for it. Thirdly, I would say Shaq should send him an autographed jersey, but then who would want something from someone who arrogantly mocked a condition that you never even asked for in the first place?


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