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Beware of Moose

Just a few weeks ago, Kansas City Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas was batting a disappointing .175 and you would have thought that nothing was working for the Royals. Some things are certain in baseball…..nothing ever works for the Royals and Mike Moustakas is notorious for slow starts.  Moustakas has slumped nearly every time he has made the move to the next level. George Brett had commented that Moustakas needed well over 100 at-bats before we would see an improvement. Brett was correct, 250 at-bats into the season, Moustakas is in the middle of a 15-game hitting streak and has improved his batting average to .235.

Fortunately for Moustakas, the Kansas City Royals organization has actually made a wise decision by ignoring the fan’s cries to send Moustakas back to Omaha to gain some confidence and allow him to work out the kinks against big league pitching. What is unfortunate is that the Royals could not end his slump earlier by exposing him in batting practice to big league pitching. We all know the Royals do not carry big league pitchers on their roster.  Royals fans should continue to see great improvements from Moustakas from here on out. Expect him to continue this hot streak through September and pick up where he left off next April.

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