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I love music because I love to dance!  I feel like music can change your mood instantly.  Always like to dance and I used music in gymnastics as well in my high school years.
Music is in your soul   I dance to it, workout to it, and sing to it.  A great song can instantly put you in a memory from years back!

Well this is constantly changes but the kind of music is always the  same.
I love fun upbeat hip hop dance music.
Gets me in a great mood and helps me express myself!

I would listen to something by Chris Brown.  He is consistently one of my favorite artists.  Always fun music to listen to and dance to!

Well seeing as I am not a teen probably something by Justin Bieber,
He is a great singer though.

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Modeling has been my dream since I was a little girl and, each shoot I do I improve so much these last 2 shoots I did are by far my favorite and the best pictures I have done since I started modeling and  I only hope to keep improving and making more beautiful art that people will love to look at I hope you all enjoy my work.

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Photographer Credits: Chris henry fotographie
A Sensual portrait

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What is your favorite way to burn calories, Donna Lee?

My favorite way to burn calories is to run 2-4 miles and yoga twice a week, and I love watching and doing my Insanity workout with Shaun T. An easy way to burn calories in a short amount of time! All you need is about 45 minutes and a lot of water!!

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Hi there! Currently, I am a promotional model for the Diamond Girls and am 20 years old living in Dallas, Tx.

I have been dancing my entire life, since the age of 3, starting off with the basic ballet, pointe, tap, and jazz. Now I mainly focus on hip hop, contemporary, and modern styles of dance. Obviously :) dancing is my main passion….for one particular reason. My life has consisted of, what feels like, a series of unfortunate events and so when I dance or choreograph I feel as if a weight is lifted. I dance for others, but I dance for myself no matter what because now is the time for me to show the world that I have made it. I dance to show the world that no matter what life brings, no matter what turmoil has surrounded you….something so beautiful can still blossom. I model for so many reasons as well that it’s almost impossible to put my feelings into words. To capture the soul……


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Ok so lets be honest I’m kind of a fitness freak! Don’t get me wrong I know I have my off days but come on! in Italian!! my mama can cook! My favorite way burn off those extra pounds is by boxing and swimming. I have boxed for years and I secretly love it. It is the best way to not only drop some pounds but it is the best stress reliever. In regards to swimming, I’m just like the rest of you and absolutely despise cardio so I swim. Swimming is the best way to get in your cardio in and get a whole body workout without having to be on the treadmill for what feels like 2 days!

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My name is Donna and I live in Kentucky. I am prior service and a proud mom :)
I’ve been into modeling for 2 years and I enjoy every minute! I love to take random road trips and end up somewhere new. I like motorcycles and old cars, tattoos and stiletto shoes. I like to run, bike, and play softball.

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I am a 26 year old Cajun from Louisiana but currently residing in Houston! I am a wife and mother! I have recently become an Inked Girl for Inked Mag as well as a Lifestyle Lady for Tattoo’d Lifestyle! I am interested in modeling for clothing companies or any tattoo related event! If you have any business related questions.. S4s.. Modeling ops… And thing related to the tattooing industry and/or modeling please inbox me. Please keep private messages for business related questions.. I’m married and am not interested in dating anyone.. Thanks and have a great day!

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Yes, I think everyone is nervous their first time. If you have the option, it helps to shoot with a friend that is experienced on order to get some pointers. :)

Bring props, and a few different outfits :) Also, don’t forget your makeup and hair products. You want to keep up with your appearance during the shoot.

I can’t say that I have. I have worked with a lot of awesome people and we are all goofy and have lots of fun.

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Samuel Martino

Vance Davis ~ Hammerhead Designs

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