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I am a 26 year old Cajun from Louisiana but currently residing in Houston! I am a wife and mother! I have recently become an Inked Girl for Inked Mag as well as a Lifestyle Lady for Tattoo’d Lifestyle! I am interested in modeling for clothing companies or any tattoo related event! If you have any business related questions.. S4s.. Modeling ops… And thing related to the tattooing industry and/or modeling please inbox me. Please keep private messages for business related questions.. I’m married and am not interested in dating anyone.. Thanks and have a great day!

Jessica Rabbit Gallery

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Photographer Credits

Keith Selle Photography

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Yes, I think everyone is nervous their first time. If you have the option, it helps to shoot with a friend that is experienced on order to get some pointers. :)

Bring props, and a few different outfits :) Also, don’t forget your makeup and hair products. You want to keep up with your appearance during the shoot.

I can’t say that I have. I have worked with a lot of awesome people and we are all goofy and have lots of fun.

Christina Marie Gallery

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Samuel Martino

Vance Davis ~ Hammerhead Designs

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A huge influence. I wanted to be a singer at one point. I wouldn’t be the creative person I am today without it.

I don’t have favorite songs that I listen to before shoots. I like to listen to EDM during shoots.

Anything by Mt. Eden.

Purple Rain by Prince

Cherry Heroine Gallery

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*Model at Vision of Punk, Inc. *Model at #Luckyyou Industries
* Model at Sins Family n Sins Girls
*Published in Fast Lane Biker Delmarva Jan 2013-Cover and Centerfold
*Ruckus in The Cage Ring Girl -May 2014
*Platinum Limo Girl
*Official Capt”s Abnormal Girl
* Inkedissexy.com Model
*Multiple Modeling Contest Winner, Digital and Print
**Also will be featured and published in the upcoming print of Inked and Beautiful Magazine 2014
* http://www.modelmayhem.com/3457420

***And hopefully many more to come :) ***

Charisma Xander Gallery

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There have been very strong roots of AC DC, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Beatles and of course Pink Floyd that run through my childhood. Well, more like blasted through the surround sound, or radio in the car, thanks Mom and Dad! It was always a good time when the music was loud, the bbq was roaring, and the fireflies always came out those nights. Those roots stick with me, no matter the mood I’m in, or what life is throwing at me, I can dance it out to those good ol’ songs.

Before I go in for a shoot, I like to listen to Happy. It may be repetitive, but the beat, and down right meaning of the song puts me in a good mood.

If I could only listen to one more album, forever, I may go crazy. But I would take Passenger All the little Lights.

Sir Mix a Lot, baby got back…. you know you like it too….

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  • Gomez Photography

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Hi, I’m from the south, loves being on my treadmill, or outside in the sun, I have a wonderful family, great friends…I use to pose for Hustler Magazine, was in Easy Rider, an made the cover of Girls Gone wild….I’m very easy going , loves to have fun.. If ya have any questions just let me know…. Jill Diamond

Jill Diamond Gallery

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Jason Guillot , Debra segura

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I’m a 32 year old model/artist/actress from TN. I love every aspect of a photo shoot and I dabble in most of them. I am a fashion addict. I absolutely love clothing and shoes. I can do make up (sfx included). I also occasionally fabricate clothing and accessories for shoots. Just a Gothic beauty with a passion for creativity.

Envy Snow Gallery

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While I’m cooking I pretend I’m hosting my own cooking TV show, and start talking aloud on how to prepare the meal I’m cooking. I’ve had multiple friends walk in on me doing this. I regret nothing.

Morgan Brittany Gallery

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Kyle Payne
Chris Dodkin
Eric Jimenez
Tyler Burles


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My favorite guilty pleasure is jumping on my motorcycle and just spending the day with me. Not having a care in the world, riding down the road with only the wind whispering in my ears, that’s what it’s all about.

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  • KK David Bulkley Blueyed Beauty

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Hey! My name is Milli – I am 21 years old . have been modelling since 18. I have big dreams in life and also think a lot about my future, with all the great possibility’s out there. Follow me on my journey, See what my life entails & see where I end up :) Much love

Miss Milli 6Miss Milli 3Miss MilliMiss Milli 4Miss Milli 5

A Little HART & Soul Photography
Ricky Biggs Photography

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Hey Everybody! Sorry for the time between blogs here, I definitely meant to be more on top of this.. it leads me into my blog title though, it’s officially cooling off and winter is coming! That means hoodies and warm clothes, coffee, snow, holidays, holiday photoshoots ( hopefully! Busy time for my photographer) anyway.. as soon as it starts getting dark early and that crisp is in the air, there is so much to do! This year I’ve started something new though. I’m writing to soldiers for the holidays, and I’m gonna leave the link to the website I use incase any of you lovely readers want to do the same! Its some positive words on paper, that probably make someone’s day a hundred times better! Someone who’s fighting, so we can be safe, and live how we want. I know my friends and fans on Facebook make my days all the time, especially this time of year when I tend to be
down in the dumps, almost claustrophobic.. imagine how a soldier feels getting a thank you message :)
So that’s what I wanted to share tonight :) I model for fun, it began with a charity organization, and I want to keep that in mind with all my work.. although I really do have some awesome photo shoot ideas, when the time is right! For now here’s two photos you may or may not have seen, depending on if you’ve been to my Facebook page ( if you havnt you should! ;) )


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Hey all my beautifuls. :) First off, allow me to say thanks for stopping by my page and showing all your wonderful support. you guys are amazing and I love you all. Thought id take a few minutes and tell you a bit about myself when i’m not in front of the camera shooting. Modeling is my hobby and I love every minute I am able to do a shoot but that’s not my entire world. I’m a nomadic vegan MILSO (military Spouse) and I couldn’t be more honored then to be able to carry that title across my heart. Im an surfer, artist, a writer, and dancer/performer. I where my heart on my sleeve and LOVE meeting new people and making them smile. So, PLEASE feel free to post, comment, or message me. Id be more then happy to chat and meet you. Thank you again so very much for all you support. XOXOXO

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