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Like Michael Sam came out to his teammates at the University of Missouri in college football.   Derrick Gordon did the same thing at the University of Massachusetts in college basketball.   Gordon who is a sophomore guard had to hide from his teammates from who he really was.   When Gordon came out he became a different person, and started to get calls from people who are struggling to come out of the closet.  Hopefully in the future an athlete coming out will not be a big story.


Northwestern_WildcatsNow that the National Labor Relation Board approved the Northwestern football team having a union. The university should not challenging the ruling, but should work with the players. The university should help out with the paying for medical coverage, meals, and spending money for the basic necessaries. The NCAA is making 10 Billion dollars from the basketball tournament especially from this weekend Final Four In Arlington, Texas. It would not hurt for colleges for to pay these athletes at least $10,000 as well as the regular scholarship. This is a complicated issue because other athletes in other sports want to get paid, and the Title IX ramification in dealing with female athletes.


After only three seasons in the NFL, former Alabama star quarterback Greg McElroy has decided to announce his retirement. McElroy who was selected by the New York Jets in the 7th round of the 2011 NFL Draft, played in just two games and losing his only game in which he was named starter. McElroy finished 19 of 31 in passing, 214 yards, 1 touchdown, and 1 interception. After suffering an ankle injury during the 2013 preseason, McElroy was let go by the Jets, but then was assigned to the Cincinnati Bengals practice squad. During his college career at Alabama, McElroy led the Crimson Tide to a National Championship in his junior season and finished with a career total of 5,691 passing yards, 39 touchdowns including 2 TD’s on the ground.


Source For Player Stats: http://www.sports-reference.com/

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During the 2013 BCS National Championship game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Sportscaster Brent Musburger made interesting comment’s about Alabama quaterback A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend. With the camera panning to Katherine Webb, Musberger awed at her beauty and then made a remark that got a few eyebrows raising

“Now when you’re a quarterback at Alabama, you see that lovely lady there? She does go to Auburn I want to admit that, but she’s also Miss Alabama and that’s A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend, okay.”

Musburger then acknowledged McCarron’s mother who was sitting to the right of Webb, and then continued to gush over her looks

“Wow I’ll tell you,  you quarterbacks, you get all the good looking women, what a beautiful woman! Whoa!”





Musberger received some heat for his remarks and was heavily criticized by many in the media. Flash forward to over a year later, Musberger has seemingly caught himself in bit of a pickle yet once again over remarks towards young female college students!

During a Big 12 basketball game between Kansas and Iowa State, the cameras again panned to another young female, one who was taking a “selfie” with her phone, Musberger states “Take a look at our sixth man of the game brought you by Motel 6, and I am pleased with this selection! Oh yeah why not a “selfie”?!?! The fans of Iowa State, the sixth man of the game”



Musburger again is putting the sports world into a frenzy and has ESPN once more walking on eggshells. My advice for ESPN if they are worried for any more future potential comments about beautiful young women by Musburger, take him to the nearest veterinary to have him neutered.

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Everyone in the sports world obviously knows who Mike McQueary is. What they may not know is that McQueary had a gambling problem and perhaps even bet on games he played in while at Penn State! According to Deadspin, one of the games that raised some concerned stemmed from a game in 1995 versus Rutgers. In it, it states

In 1995, Mike McQueary threw a touchdown late in garbage time of a Penn State blowout over Rutgers. Then-Rutgers coach Doug Graber and Joe Paterno got into a shouting match after the game because Graber thought Paterno was running up the score. The touchdown put the 20-point-favorite Nittany Lions up 59-34. None of this is interesting at all but for a tiny anecdote about McQueary’s gambling habit while enrolled at Penn State, buried in ESPN’s profile on the Penn State whistleblower.

Several teammates have even stated they knew were aware of McQueary’s gambling problems and betting on the games they played in. A close friend even stated that “It got pretty bad” regarding McQueary’s gambling habits.

To read the rest of the article, click here http://deadspin.com/mcqueary-gambling-allegations-put-19-year-old-game-in-n-1537313917

Though I tread lightly on this, I wonder if any of this ties into McQueary’s testimonies and statements (which he has changed his stories multiple times) to the alleged incident of former coach Jerry Sandusky in a locker room shower with a 14 year old boy (not 10 like the media claims.) Perhaps when approached by authorities about an issue that happened a while back, McQueary panicked and maybe thought they knew about his alleged point shaving and gambling habits from many years ago. Though it turned out to be regarding Sandusky, one can make the argument that McQueary told authorities whatever they wanted to hear regarding Sandusky and the teenage boy so that in one way shape or form he could cover his backside! If you want more information about the alleged “shower incident” regarding Mike McQueary and Sandusky with the teenager go to the following




Is Mike McQueary really a “whistleblower” or is the reason he is suing Penn State is to pay off some of his gambling debts as opposed to his claims it has been hard for him to find a steady job? (Former Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley was just hired onto the West Virginia Coaching Staff) McQueary is also in the process of getting a divorce.

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There has been a report about North Carolina dealing with academic fraud with their football and basketball players. Mary Willingham, a former tutor who taught remedial reading help to student-athletes. She also talked about how she steered to classes they never attended. Since 2011 she enabled these athletes to pass classes they never went to. Willingham spoke out and she lost her job because of it. It bothers me that colleges were us fix grades and student-athletes would pass classes they never attended. The NCAA is a $16 billion dollar business and it stinks how they would allow colleges and universities to pass student-athletes who don’t attend classes.   The NCAA do a lousy job not only helping athletes, but not holding universities and colleges accountable for not teaching their student-athletes.

                                                               Christian Petersen/Getty Images


Name: Ka’Deem Carey


Height: 5ft 10in


Weight: 207 lbs.


College: Arizona


3 seasons at Arizona 4,329 Rushing yards 48 TD’s  77 Receptions 679 yards  4 TD’s

     Led nation in rushing his Sophomore year during 2012 season with 1,929 yards

     Ran for 1,885 yards in Junior year, despite missing the 1st game of the 2013 season due to suspension.


   2014 NFL Combine

    ran a 4.7 40

    Bench Pressed 225lbs for 19 reps

    4.38 seconds on 20 yard Shuttle

    32.5 inch vertical

    115.0 inch broad jump






 #1 rated Running Back prospect in 2014 NFL Draft


    Vision- identifies the open field and adjusts quickly right after the snap







        Footwork- Quick on his feet, instantly able to shift into different directions




      Deja vu..Actually it is just more great footwork by Carey!






     Carey is also not afraid to get physical and will fight for that extra yard if he has too! This tangible will definitely come in handy in short yardage situations!






     3rd Down situations- 5.93 yards per average in 2012, 6.37 yards per average in 2013 on 3rd Down



     Ka’Deem Carey is able to slash his way through defenders with great foot work, amazing field vision. He does lack breakaway speed but stays lateral (north and south run style). Even though he is not afraid to get physical and will fight for extra yardage, he leaves himself vulnerable to hits to his upper body. Carey has the talent to be a 1st round draft selection, but with plenty of other talent and teams needs he may not go that early, but expect him to be selected no later than the 2nd round of the 2014 NFL Draft!





Sources: http://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/kadeem-carey-1.html




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NFL prospects that are preparing for an upcoming NFL Draft undergo many test and drills. One of those performances the football player undergo is taking the “Wonderlic Test”. The NFL Wonderlic Test (according to http://footballiqscore.com/) is “used to measure players’ aptitude for learning and problem solving”. The average score for a football player is 20. Here is the list of the top 5 highest scores (http://www.footballnation.com/content/5-highest-wonderlic-scores-nfl-history/22324/)

Tied for 3rd with 48- Ryan Fitzpatrick, Benjamin Watson, Kevin Curtis     2nd. 49 Mike Mamula   1st. 50 Pat McInally

Conversely, here are the five lowest Wonderlic Test posted. (http://www.footballnation.com/content/5-lowest-wonderlic-scores-nfl-history/22326/ ) Tied for 4th with 6 -Oscar Davenport, Frank Gore  3rd. 5 Edward Prather  Tied for first with 4- Morris Claiborne and Darren Davis.

Click herehttp://bleacherreport.com/articles/1964124-how-smart-are-you-take-the-wonderlic-test-and-find-out?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=programming-nationalto take a version of the NFL Wonderlic Test and see what your score is and how you compare to other football players too see if you rank amongst some of the brightest or dimmest to have ever taken the Wonderlic Test.


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                                                                      Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports



Name: Andre Williams


Height: 6ft. 0


Weight: 227lbs.


College: Boston College



Led NCAA in rushing during 2013 season with 2,177 yards (becoming just the 16th player in NCAA history to rush for 2000+ yards in a single season and ranks 5th for most all time). Williams also had 18 Rushing Touchdowns on the year.



After evaluating Williams, the one thing that stood out most to me was his physicality.


           Williams, who also does a good job of getting to the outside, displays a stiff arm as he pushes away the defender!



                              Williams does a good job getting low, allowing him to get more drive from his legs. Watch as he squares up and uses his lower body to break through and knock over the defender!

                                                                                                           Here’s another look from that same play!






                      Again Williams gets low, allowing himself to plow over the defender and pick up additional yardage!



Andre Williams may not be the flashiest back, but he plays a power run game. His size and strength gives him the ability to break through a wall of defenders that will create opportunities where he picks up 10+ yards. That being said, if and once he is able to break away from defenders, Williams actually has great break away speed to go the distance for a big gain or touchdown.


Projected as a 4th round pick, I see someone like the New York Giants selecting him. The Giants ranked 29th in league in rushing and have be known to go with power in the run game. (Other likely destinations- Atlanta Falcons, Miami Dolphins, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Denver Broncos









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The biggest story of the NFL Draft will be Michael Sam.   Sam was a linebacker at the University of Missouri, and he was the SEC defensive player of the year.  Last night in an interview with ESPN he announced that he is gay.  His teammates at Missouri already knew about it. It occurred during a team meeting before last season, and his teammates, plus Head Coach Gary Pinkel supported him 100%.  Sam came out to be in front of the story so he would not deal with any distraction before the draft.   Some NFL front office personnel believe that Sam’s draft status has been effected.

The biggest thing Sam will deal with is acceptance in the NFL locker room.   Some people believe that the NFL isn’t ready for an openly gay player, but Michael Sam want to be judged as a football player who is gay.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Big news out of the sports world. Michael Sam Defensive End from Missouri, who was the 2013 SEC Defensive Player of the Year has stated publicly that he is gay. I for one am not ashamed to admit I support gays and gay rights, but really is this still an issue?  I get it, it can be hard, especially for the younger generation of homosexuals. Having to fear what their peers may think or say  definitely cannot be easy for them to come out and say they are gay, but when a big name sports star like Michael Sam admittedly announces to the media he is , it makes it easier for those stuck to come out and admit to others of their homosexuality as well.  My point in all of this though, is that for me, I do not care if you are straight, bisexual, gay, tranny, etc. I could care less what your sexuality is. What I and the rest of society for that matter should care about is how you are as a person, regardless of sexual orientation. I applaud Michael Sam being comfortable enough to tell the public his story, but at the same time it should be a non-issue as it is now 2014, and we as a society need to accept the fact we all have different preferences in many things, (i.e. music, clothing style, favorite color, sports, etc.) and our sexual preferences fall under that same logic!



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                        AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

If you did not know already, I am a huge Penn State football fan. I am also not afraid to admit that I am a huge Joe Paterno fan! (Say what you want, but Paterno was railroaded and received no due process, but that is a different story for another day). Ever since becoming a fan of Penn State at the age of six one player who has always stood out for me from many others was Michael Robinson!  Michael Robinson who is currently the starting Fullback for the reigning Super Bowl champions Seattle Seahawks, came to Penn State in 2002.  Robinson was used at many different positions (Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver) before finally getting the starting spot at Quarterback his senior year during the 2005 season.


When Robinson first came to Penn State he has mentioned his eagerness to be the starting Quarterback and the frustration at having to wait to become so. Robinson would be looking at the picture from about one to two feet away, while Head Coach Joe Paterno was seeing things in the big picture for 20 feet away. As a matter of fact, Paterno predicted that Robinson would one day make it to the NFL Pro Bowl and that it would be either as a Running Back or Fullback. Paterno died on January 22, 2012. The same week Michael Robinson was practicing for his upcoming game in his first Pro Bowl, and just like Paterno predicted it was as a Fullback!

When asked what it was like playing for Joe Paterno, Robinson stated on his “RealRobReport” show  

     “It’s the best thing in the world!” You don’t always know it as a Freshman, but by the time you’re a senior, you understand it, you have respect of all life and you know exactly what your purpose here was.


Robinson has stated that his favorite moment at Penn State was after their 2006 Orange Bowl victory over the Florida State Seminoles and he was standing on the stage next to Joe. He noticed how proud Joe was of Robinson and this particular group of young men for what they had accomplished. (considering the fact that at the time, Penn State recently came off four losing seasons in the past five years). Robinson really started to appreciate what he went through at Penn State.


Despite Robinson’s stubbornness at wanting to become the starting Quarterback at Penn State, his playing of different positions allowed him to become a student of the game and learn all aspects of it!  Paterno’s coaching duties on the sidelines would transition over to Robinson went he went on the field. The leadership that Paterno handed over to Robinson allowed him (Robinson) to take responsability for the team’s performance and take notes at what things worked and what things needed to be changed.

Robinson never blamed Paterno for any of his mistakes. Instead he held himself accountable for the team’s performance on the field and would look to Joe not to blame him for the mistakes, but on how to correct them. Paterno’s love for Penn State would transition over to thousands upon thousands of alumni and players and Robinson was no exception! And despite all of the actions of one man (Jerry Sandusky) Robinson stated on his show


“I want future high school men and women who are deciding where to play football, or where deciding to play volleyball, basketball, whatever it maybe, an engineer. Whatever it maybe, really take a look at Penn State because we make some of the best men and women this world has to offer! Don’t let the actions of one man deter you away from a great university. Thank you.”


     Robinson would give an eulogy at Joe Paterno’s memorial service. Holding back the tears Robinson said

He didn’t lie to me, he didn’t lie to me at all once. Joe promised me my education would be second to none. He promised I would have an opportunity to compete for a starting Quarterback Position. He promised me I would play in front of the best fans in college football. Again Joe Paterno did not lie to me.  It’s been well noted the different positions I had to play during my career here. It was a gift and a curse. The gift was the amount of knowledge I gained that would help me in the National Football League today. The curse was the attitude Joe had to put up with because I wasn’t the starting Quarterback. I was and thought like a boy. Coach Paterno actually told me one day that he thought I would probably be a Pro Bowl Running Back or Fullback.


     At this point you could see Robinson shed some tears as he continued


       And as God as my witness…as God as my witness, three hours ago I got off a plane from Hawaii because I’ve been voted to my first Pro Bowl. Again, Coach Paterno did not lie to me!



                                                                    Jim Mahoney/AP


     The love an admiration for his school was the same love and admiration Paterno had for the university as he put over 60 years of his time into making Penn State what it is today, “Success with honor”.  Robinson always shared those same beliefs. He believes in doing things the right way, “success with honor”, Joe Paterno, the grand experiment! I personally would like to add onto that as one other popular slogan regarding Paterno and Penn State was  the black shoes, white helmets, no names on the back of jersey’s. To me that was all about honoring the past, while continuing for a brighter future!


“Success with honor” has allowed Robinson to flourish not just as a football player, but as a responsible, productive, and caring citizen! Robinson has succeeded in the NFL, having been voted to a Pro Bowl and having won a Super Bowl, while simultaneously beginning his own sports reporting gig, “RealRobReport”. The experience and knowledge Robinson gained from Penn State and Joe Paterno has allowed him to have success in many fields, as opposed to just one of that being football. Robinson has continued to live his life by “Success with honor” because he was able to be apart of Joe Paterno’s grand experiment!




For more on Michael Robinson visit his website www.realrobreport.com

or check him out on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/RealRobReport

You can also follow him on Twitter! https://twitter.com/RealMikeRob


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You know the routine of when a young man has an interest in a girl, he has to deal with the father of the said girl he shows an interest in!  Same stayed true to form after Penn State Football’s Offensive Line Coach posted a picture of his daughter on Twitter and one gutsy Penn State student and fan asked for his daughters number! Here’s the exchange between the two on Twitter!




     All ended well though and the student was a good sport in all of it and Herb Hand also got a nice little chuckle out of it as well! But lets this be known, whenever any of you young men out there have an interest in a particular young woman, you need to also know that impressing her may not be your hardest obstacle, but having to get through her overly protected father is what may be the true key to her heart! ;)


File Profile: Scouting Storm Johnson





     Name: Storm Johnson


     Height: 6ft.



     Weight: 215lbs.


     College: University of Central Florida (UCF)


                    *Originally attended University of Miami before transferring to UCF. As a Hurricane, Johnson had 9 carries for 119 yards and 1 TD. He also had 1 Reception for 9 yards.


     College Stats: (Including Miami) 3 total seasons- 1,765 Rushing Yards, 19 TD’s. 41 Receptions for 289 yards and 3 TD’s. A total of 2,054 yards from scrimmage and 22 TD’s for his college career.


                    *In his second season at UCF, Johnson had a breakout year. Off his total stats for Rushing and Receiving, he gathered 1,139 Rushing Yards and had 14 TD’s on the ground in his second season at UCF with all three of his Receiving TD’s coming alone in that season itself.



      -Number 9 rated Running Back prospect for 2014 NFL Draft


      -*Self Reported 380lb Bench Press, 510lb Squat, and 35 inch vertical jump in high school.


       Reported 4.56 40 time. *Though Johnson self reported a 4.37 40 time weighing 218lbs. as a Freshman*


     Storm Johnson help lead the UCF Knights to a 12-1 record, Conference Championship (American Athletic Conference) en route to a Fiesta Bowl victory over the Baylor Bears. The Knights finished in the Top 10 (#10) in the Associated Press thanks to Johnson’s contribution



East & West

While watching some film and highlights of Johnson, I noticed he tends to play an “East & West” game at times as opposed to a “North & South”. Here’s an example

Johnson was able to bounce to the outside quickly, but the picture below shows that he had a hole right up the middle he could have scored a TD much easier had he taken it.

Looking at this, one (or at least me personally) would have to question Johnson’s vision of the entire field!



Cutback Ability

One thing that impresses me about Johnson is his ability of using the cutback move, especially a guy his size. Johnson is very sharp on his feet and can cutback quickly on a dime to elude from would be tacklers!



Even though he tends to go “East & West” his cutback ability makes up for it and allows him to get into that “North & South” running approach. Check out this fine example for instance.



Watch here as Johnson jukes and fakes out the initial opposing defender!



3rd Down Situations


Though he did not have a lot of attempts, Johnson had 80 yards on 15 carries on 3rd Down settings. Good enough for a 5.33 yards per carry average on 3rd Down. Johnson is more of a 1st and 2nd down back, picking up big yards on the initial part of a down (650 yards on 131 carries on 1st Down = 4.96 yards per carry average and 409 yards on 67 carries on 2nd Down = 6.10 yards per carry average.



Johnson is a power back, with strong legs that able him to shed off tacklers and accelerate into the open with his explosiveness and strength . Johnson is never shy of getting physical,  and will fight for additional yardage and carry defenders with him if he has too! One other aspect of Johnson is he can make an impact catching passes in the backfield to make a big play!


     Johnson’s breakout year allowed him to become a top prospect for this year’s NFL Draft. The downside is that there are a lot of good running back prospects that Johnson may get overlooked in favor of other players. I see Johnson being drafted anywhere as high as the 3rd round to no later than the 6th round. Whoever lands him will be getting a gem in my opinion as I believe he has the complete package (size, power, explosiveness, footwork/cutback ability, strength) to be an effective running back at the next level!





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A group of Northwestern football players are trying to form a union. They have filed a petition with the National Labor Relation Board. They want improved medical care especially after the career is done, funds for continuing educational opportunities and scholarships that would cover the cost of attendance for athletes. College athletes don’t get any of the financial rewards that universities get from the NCAA. This should speed up the process of athletes getting some type of payment. If college athletes are allowed to have a union it could open a lot of opportunities. Both sides would have to find middle ground, and that would how athletes get paid without opening the Pandora’s Box. That means that athletes would be susceptible up to illegal payments by boosters and shady agents. Some people think that a union would undermine the purpose of college, and that this to get an education. However, if this union is legal it could change college athletics as we known it, but the NCAA will fight this thing every step of the way.


I could never understand why people like Ricky Williams. Some people think he is a free spirit who loved marijuana and never listen to authority figures. To be honest he had a gift and wasted it by getting into trouble with smoking marijuana that equals with being suspended by the NFL. He did rushed for over 10,000 yards over his NFL career, but his drug suspensions cost him a chance of being in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Williams was the 1998 Heisman Trophy winner out of the University of Texas, and the New Orleans Saints traded the whole draft for him. In 2002, he was traded to the Miami Dolphins and had two straight 1,000 yard seasons. The problem I had is that Williams was suspended for the first four games of the 2004 season for a violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. Williams decided to retire from the NFL instead of accepting his punishment and taking responsibility for his actions. I watched an interview he did with the Campus Insiders Bonnie Bernstein, and Williams said he would not go into the NFL Draft, but instead traveling around the world. Williams didn’t want to be defined by being just a football player. However, when you have responsibilities to your teammates, coaches, and to the organization that pays you a lot of money to play. You don’t quit on them to do your own thing. How many coaches would put with Williams antics in my view not many.

Read More at Rob Layton Sports


Last night the Florida State vs. Auburn game was an outstanding, and it was not decided until the last 13 seconds. The Seminoles won 34 to 31 to get their 3rd National Title in the school history. The Bowl Championship Series has been loved and reviled for so many reasons. Starting next season, the 4 team College Football Playoff will do what the BCS could not accomplish in 14 years. That is  to have a playoff system to determine a National Champion on the field.  Instead of using a computer system to determine who is 1 and who is 2. For all the controversy that the BCS caused it got fans and media talking about college football for the whole year. Fans should be looking forward to new College Football Playoff, but most of the time the BCS did get the national game right. Next season,  we will see if the College Football Playoff  will have the excitement, but without any of the BCS controversy.


The projection of being a top 10 pick in the upcoming NFL draft isn’t going to keep UCLA’s Brett Hundley from returning for his Junior season.  Adam Schefter reported the star quarterback will make the announcement of his return later this week.

Brett Hundley’s Sophomore Stats

Comp% Yards TDS INT
67.2 3071 24 9

Photo:  Joe Robbins, Getty Images
The Chick-fil-A Bowl in Atlanta, GA was the site for a fairytale ending to 2013 college football play as Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel and his team pulled off a 21-point comeback for the Aggies.
Proving once again he is a fierce competitor, the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner threw for 382 yards and completed 30-38 passes to lead the Aggies to defeat Duke 52-48.
In a game where the momentum was clearly not in their favor at the half, Manziel emerged from the locker room to hit target after target in the second half.  He missed only once in the second half and threw for 4 touchdowns in the game.
The 6-1, 210 pound, redshirt sophomore shrugged off reporters about his future at Texas A&M and the possibility of his move to the NFL next season.  If a guy could go out on top in his college career, then last night was his moment.  SEC fans will have to wait and see if he returns for yet another season, but “Johnny Football” who had a rocky start to this season proved the pundits wrong last night.

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Ka’ Deem Carey made a case for being the best back in College Football this year as he helped Arizona to a 42-19 win over Boston College in the AdvoCare Bowl.  Carey rushed for 162 yards and two touchdowns in the win.

Arizona vs Boston College Highlights

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