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Florida State defeated Clemson 23 to 17 in overtime, but the game was secondary to Jameis Winston.     Winston was sitting out the game due to him saying an internet meme in the student union.   The meme is so stupid and vulgar I can’t repeat it here.  Originally, he was going to sit out the first half of the game, but the University President and the Athletic Director decided to increase the punishment.      With the university still investigating Winston for sexual assault why would he say that in the first place.     I am so tired  of the university making excuses for him, and  Winston making dumb off the field decisions.      Dealing with charges of sexual assault, then stealing crab legs at Publix store, and now this.     Tim Tebow said this morning that he needs counsel meaning he needs a mentor to help make better decisions in life.   Because if Winston don’t change his ways he might need another type of counsel a lawyer.

Today, the NCAA announced that the Penn State football team bowl ban has ended, and next year there will have a full scholarships.    They believe Penn State has abide the rules during the punishment for the Jerry Sandusky child sex scandal.  I don’t believe the current players should have not be punished for the actions of former University President Graham Spainer, VP Gary Schultz, and Athletic Director Tim Curley of covering up the scandal, plus Joe Paterno inaction in preventing Sandusky’s crimes. The people who should have been punished were the ones who were covering up the crime and Sandusky who serving a life sentence in prison for his crimes.    Did the NCAA got it wrong on the heavy sanctions on the university.    What is the end game of the Paterno supporters to me they want the statue up and his wins reinstated.    They care more about that then the victims who suffered at the hands of Sandusky, and Paterno who did not prevent it.


Pitt Panthers will open their second season in the ACC this Saturday afternoon against Delaware at Heinz Field.  After three straight seasons of 6-6  they have a chance to open with a 4-0 record with some winnable games to start the season.  After Delaware it is Boston College on a Thursday night, at Florida International, and back to back home games with Iowa and Akron. They have three straight home game with Georgia Tech, Duke, and Syracuse.  They have tough games on the roads with Virginia, North Carolina, and  the regular season finale at Miami of Florida.   Could Pitt play in the ACC Title game when they don’t have to play Florida State and other teams could have a down season or rebuilding.   The answer to those questions will this Saturday at noon against Delaware.

There are rumors of a cheating scandal involving the Notre Dame football team.    Everett Goldson, who sat out last season due to an academic fraud is back as the starting quarterback, but not involved with this scandal.    According to Yahoo Sports there was an internal investigation during the summer that looked into football players as well as regular students.    Sources told Fox Sports that four players were dismissed from the football program.   The players in question are:  wide receiver DaVaris Daniels, defensive back KeiVarae Russell, defensive linemen Ishaq Williams, and linebacker Kendall Moore.  Under NCAA protocol,  if any fraud impacted player eligibility Notre Dame will have to vacate wins from the 2012 and 2013 season.   The NCAA is aware of the situation, and if could severely punish the Fighting Irish with sanctions besides vacating wins such as no bowl games, scholarship reduction, and maybe the death penalty.  Notre Dame has lost integrity in this scandal, and if more football players get implicated. That would cause the university to fire Head Coach Brian Kelly.  No college football program has the tradition and mystique of Notre Dame, but this scandal could destroy everything they built.


For the past two years I have both, made season predictions for Penn State Football, and wrote game recaps for each game (I will leave a link to both articles of my season predictions, and all of my game recaps from the past two seasons). We will take a look at each game, give a little summary, and predict outcome as well as the score.

Penn State vs Central Florida

Christian Hackenberg will have a season of experience under his belt, and put in a solid effort last season in the Nittany Lions meeting with the Knights. (21/28 262 passing yards 1 TD). Zach Zwinak ran for three touchdowns. Central Florida will be without Blake Bortles and Storm Johnson. The Knights are returning three of their leading receivers from last year, but Central Florida quarterback Justin Holman will be playing behind an inexperienced offensive line and a much improved Penn State secondary.

Final Score: Penn State 35   Central Florida 24

Penn State vs Akron

Akron finished the 2013 season on a good note by winning its last three games. But despite some improvement, Penn State should still come away with the easy win in this contest

Final Score Penn State 34  Akron 13

Penn State vs Rutgers

This one may be a surprise test for the Nittany Lions. On paper Penn State are clear favorites, but Rutgers returns 8 starters on offense, including quarterback Gary Nova. But the Scarlet Knights gave up an average of 400 yards on defense per game (412.8). Not to mention 312 yards through the air, where Hackenberg could put on a clinic in this game

Final Score Penn State 45  Rutgers 21

Penn State vs UMass

In what should be a tune up game before entering the heart of the season schedule, the Nittany Lions should run away with this one, and be able to give some players on bottom part of depth chart some playing time

Final Score Penn State 55 UMass 10

Penn State vs Northwestern

Northwestern always puts up a good fight against Penn State. But expect the Nittany Lions like in recent games before, to take control of this one by the second half with its running attack.

Final Score Penn State 41 Northwestern 31

Penn State vs Michigan

Heading into the Big House is no easy task. It is even harder going into Ann Arbor during primetime. Perhaps another instant classic is in store for us when the Nittany Lions and Wolverines meet up in 2014. Whether or not that is the case, I expect the Wolverines to come out on top in this one.

Final Score Penn State 25 Michigan 35

Penn State vs Ohio State

This one will be a lot closer than last year’s embarrassing 63-14 loss in Columbus. Plus this one will also be in primetime, but this time in State College. But in the end Braxton Miller and the Ohio State Buckeyes experience will ultimately win out in this one

Final Score  Penn State 28  Ohio State 38

Penn State vs Maryland

The Nittany Lions will face an experienced Maryland team (thanks to injuries that allowed players on bottom of depth chart to receive playing time) If Maryland can stay healthy, it may walk out of Beavier Stadium with a “W”

 Final Score

Penn State 28  Maryland 35

Penn State vs Indiana

One of the main reasons Penn State lost to Indiana for the first time in school history last season was because they did not stick to the ground game (which Indiana ranked amongst one of the worse last season (110th). If they stick to a sound game plan, control the game clock, and keep Indiana’s offense off the field as long as possible, then the Nittany Lions will avoid another upset.

Final Score  Penn State 44 Indiana 26

Penn State vs Temple

Giving up nearly 300 yards a game through the air last year, Hackenberg will have another day at the office against the Owls secondary.

Final Score  Penn State 48  Temple 17

Penn State vs Illinois

Illinois was both bad on the run game on both sides of the ball. Penn State is typically good at stopping the run, and a solid run game and performance by both Zach Zwinak and Bill Belton should vault the Nittany Lions past the Fighting Illini

Final Score  Penn State 27  Illinois 16

Penn State vs Michigan State

The Spartans will have one of the best defenses and ranked 2nd overall in the country last year on route to a 13-1 record which included a Big Ten Championship and a victory in the Rose Bowl over Stanford. The Nittany Lions will have their hands full on offense. But I actually expect Penn State to make this game closer than some may think by putting up a valiant effort on defense as well.

Final Score Penn State 20  Michigan State 24

Final Overall Prediction for 2014 Season: Penn State- Overall 8-4 (Big Ten 4-4)

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2013 NFL Stats of Penn State Football Players http://kcsportsninja.com/2013-nfl-stats-of-penn-state-football-players/



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Ken Blaze- USA Today Sports

The recent off-field issues of Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver Josh Gordon are obviously troubling, as he was already facing a year long suspension due to a 2nd failed drug test. While in the process of appealing his suspension, Gordon was arrested on July 5th in North Carolina for DWI. This certainly will not help his case when he goes to appeal his suspension.

Selected in the 2nd round of the 2012 NFL Supplementary Draft, Gordon signed a 4 year $5.3 million contract with the Browns. Gordon registered 50 receptions for 805 yards and 5 touchdowns in his first season. In the 2013 off-season, Gordon failed a drug test that resulted in a two game suspension for the 2013 season. Despite this, Gordon went on to have a career year that season, leading the league in receiving yards with 1,646, was voted to the Pro Bowl and named to First-team All Pro. Gordon also made history by becoming the first player in the NFL to ever have 200+ receiving yards in consecutive games!

Because of Gordon’s performance, Browns fans had something to cheer about, and after the selection of Johnny Manziel in the 2014 NFL Draft, the potential pairing of this quarterback-wide receiver duo was intriguing for the fans. Unfortunately Gordon would hit another minor speed bump the following day when it was announced he had failed another drug test, possibly putting to rest any chances of seeing these two on the field together in 2014.

Gordon flew under the radar and took the league by storm in 2013, and to see him possibly throw away a career of a lifetime is saddening. Gordon’s journey was kind of like one of those “feel good” stories. During his college career at Baylor, Gordon had issues with drugs and was suspended indefinitely prior to the 2011 College Football season. Gordon transferred to Utah, but never played as he sat out that entire season. Gordon got a chance to redeem himself and did so in just two seasons with Cleveland, and though he is still young at age of 23, if his past troubles continue to hinder him, he may not have a future in the NFL as teams may feel he could be a cancer and distraction in the locker room.

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Rashad McCants was a big part of North Carolina National Basketball Title team in 2005, but in an interview with ESPN’s Outside the Lines he took scam classes.  He didn’t write any papers, and Head Coach Roy Williams knew about not attending classes, plus tutors writing papers.  McCants mentioned in the interview that he had to show up to play, and have to attend class.  Williams and several of McCants teammates have denied it every happened, but this should open a Pandora’s Box.   If North Carolina violated any NCAA rules they should be accountable for their actions.   The NCAA should really take a hard look at the academic policies of North Carolina and make the necessary changes to clean it up.  The problem is that many other universities are doing the same thing by cutting corners academically to keep their star athletes eligible.    By doing that the team continue to be successful and that means more money comes to the university.   However, it compromised the academic standards of the university and call in the questions the legitimacy of their degrees.   They have to clean up the whole system and make a college degree stand for something.

Jameis Winston is the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback of the 2013 National Champions Florida State Seminoles, and a star relief pitcher for their baseball team.    However, he is making headlines off the field for all of the wrong reasons.     Winston had an alleged sexual assault  charge and was busted for stealing crab legs from a local Publix grocery store in Tallahassee.   The University suspended Winston for the theft, but the police down there delayed the investigation for nine months.    Florida State should have suspended Winston until he told them what happened the night of the alleged sexual assault.     Winston was not charged with anything, but he should still attend a code of conduct hearing about his actions like two other teammates did.    Florida State is faced with a federal review for the way they handled the investigation.   Winston and FSU could each deal with civil suits for the assault, and the whole matter is another example of universities protecting is star athletes from legal problems.    Instead of showing leadership they have become enablers and putting athletic achievement instead of making Winston accountable for his actions.

When are you are born with a talent and regardless of what it is you are responsibility to use it properly.  Some NFL players don’t have that sense.    During the NFL Draft there have been reports of Cleveland Browns wide receiver  Josh Gordon could get a year suspension for a positive drug test.    Gordon who while at Baylor University was kicked off the team for using marijuana, and was suspended for the first two games of the 2012 season for another failed drug test.    Gordon was an all-pro and made his first Pro Bowl after last season in which he caught 80 passes for 1,646 yards and 9 touchdowns.   Gordon may not get another chance with Browns because of this latest drug suspension.    Gordon could winded up like Davone Bess, a former  Browns receiver who was released in March after having drug problems of his own.    Justin Blackmon who was playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars and had great potential as a wide receiver.  However he has been in trouble with DUIs while at Oklahoma State, and has been suspended twice for violating the NFL substance abuse policy.   It was announced by the Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell that Blackmon will not be with the team for the 2014 season.     All three receivers NFL careers could be over because drug and alcohol problems.     These are cautionary tales about not getting involved with substance abuse and make the most of opportunities in the NFL and in life.

Michael Sam is in the NFL being drafted by the St. Louis Rams in the 7th round on Saturday afternoon.    Sam, who in February came out as gay has one part of his journey completed.     The other part of his journey is now starting getting acceptance in the NFL.   Sam will be playing in a state that is very supported of him.      He will be playing for a successful NFL Head Coach in Jeff Fisher, and getting support via the social media even the White House sending a good luck message.     Michael Sam wants to be judged on what he does on the football field.    Now Sam is in the NFL and he will get his chance to make on the merits of his playing ability.

The Steelers started the fourth round of the NFL Draft getting wide receiver Martavis Bryant from Clemson.     He gives them a tall receiver with 4.42 speed and could get major reps in training camp.     In the fifth round, The Steelers took cornerback Shaquille Richardson from the University of Arizona.  He has played some safety well, and adds more speed in the secondary.    With their 2nd selection of the fifth round, they took offensive linemen Wesley Johnson from Vanderbilt.   He has the position flexibility to play center, guard, and tackle.  Since the offensive line could be a strength Johnson could be a valuable swing man.    In the sixth round, they took inside linebacker Jordan Zumwalt from UCLA.      He could be a major contributor on special teams and a future starter.   With their 2nd  selection of the sixth round,  they drafted defensive lineman Daniel McCullers from Tennessee.  He is 6-7 weighing 352 pounds, and he could be the successor to Casey Hampton as a run stuffing in the 3-4 defense.   In the 7th round, The Steelers last pick was tight end Rob Blanchflower from Massachusetts.     He is a great blocker, but needs to work on being a pass catcher. It doesn’t hurt to be mentored by Heath Miller.     The true measure of this draft will not be known for a few years.   Hopefully, some of these draft picks will be big contributors for the Steelers.


I know I may and will receive a lot of heat for this piece, but as the saying goes “The truth hurts”. What exactly is the “truth” and who will it “hurt” in this situation? The truth being that Joe Paterno was never
told of a sex act between Jerry Sandusky and a young boy and how it would and should hurt the media’s narrative that Paterno enabled Sandusky to sensationalize their agenda without any facts. Former Penn
State Quarterback and Wide Receivers Coach Mike McQueary, who at the time was a graduate assistant, said he heard slapping sounds in the shower of the Penn State locker room. He went to look and see what it was, and expected to see a man and a woman having sex, but what he ended up seeing was Jerry Sandusky and a 14 year old teenage boy. Just what exactly did McQueary see, and more importantly what did he tell Joe Paterno is the question. McQueary has made so many different interpretation of events that it is hard to know for sure what he saw that night. After all, one of the accounts dropped against Sandusky stemmed from the McQueary episode.

As for the media, they took the ball and ran with the story that Paterno was told by McQueary that he witnessed Sandusky performing “Anal Rape” and Paterno did everything to sweep it under the rug to
protect the image of the football program. I feel sorry for the naïve people that the media preys upon because they know the majority of people will not do any real ounce of research or even realize that the”truth” is whatever the media says it is. (Meaning if the Main Stream Media reports it then it must be true)

All Paterno was told by McQueary at the time back in 2001 was that there may have been horse playing or some sort of inappropriate behavior going on, but was never clear to Paterno as to what it was. Here is an interesting note, prior to telling Paterno, McQueary went and told his father and Dr. Dranov (who was the boss of McQueary’s father)  to tell them what he saw. Dr. Dranov who was a mandated reporter, would have had to immediately call Child Welfare if McQueary told them he saw a crime take place between Sandusky and the boy. Oddly though, McQueary’s father and Dr. Dranov instructed Mike to tell Paterno of the altercation instead of reporting to the authorities himself. (Which is what one would think he would do had he actually witnessed a sex act between Sandusky and a boy.)

Here is the first part that easily debunks any “cover-up” orchestrated by Paterno. When McQueary told Paterno of situation, would not he right then and there say “Okay Mike, listen to me. Tell no one and we will just keep this between us.” Except Paterno contacted his immediate supervisor and Athletic Director Tim Curley to look into the situation, and that right there is the second part that debunks any “cover up” by Paterno. If he, or anyone in general for that matter wanted to cover something up, would they honestly get someone else involved? No, of course not! Part of what makes a cover up successful is that the less people involved, the greater chance it remains covered.

Once Paterno reported it to his supervisor, there was nothing legally and dare I say “morally” more he could do as he only could go off hearsay as he never witnessed anything. Paterno followed up with
McQueary asking him if he felt the situation was handled properly to which he firmly told him that it was so. So where is this “big conspiracy”? If you are going to say “Paterno should have done more”
Please explain thoroughly in full detail of what “doing more” is. Also, some suggest McQueary blackmailed Paterno into a coverup in exchange for the vacant Wide Receiver Coaching Position after Kenny Jackson left for a coaching job with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Well that too is easily quick to debunk as McQueary did not become the Wide Receiver’s Coach until three years later in 2004. I hardly think if someone was being blackmailed that it would take them more than three years to come up with a proposition.

I know I will be called a “Joe Bot” by many and that I have blinders on. Probably even an “enabler”, but that honestly does not bother me. What actually bothers me is that I am somehow diminished because I am a “Joe Bot” when the facts actually support this supposedly “Joe Bot” position. The people who know the most about this case should not be discredited simply because they had admiration for a guy who deserved admiration and due process. I guess that makes me a
“Joe Bot”, which I will proudly acknowledge that! Also I would ironically like to point out that  Frank Fina, lead prosecutor in Sandusky case, is a “Joe Bot” as well as he even said on national television that he did not find any evidence of Paterno partaking in a cover up in anyway!



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I was surprised that the Steelers drafted Ryan Shazier in the 1st round in the NFL Draft.    He could play both inside and outside linebacker and for Ohio State racked up over 100 tackles in the past two seasons.  He can rush the passer and drop back into pass coverage.   His shortcomings are lack of size, being over aggressive at times, his inconsistent tackling, and can be bullied by offensive line.  He has a good over all around game, but lack of strength could be his undoing in the NFL.     The Steelers still have to address the defensive line, secondary, and the receiving corps.   I will be blogging about the rest of the Steelers draft this weekend, but might a little busy watching the Penguins tomorrow night.


Most NFL teams when in a rebuilding mode, start by building around who they deem will be their franchise quarterback for years to come (i.e. Peyton Manning drafted by Indianapolis Colts). Sometimes the case may just simply be a team’s only hole to fill happens to be the quarterback position. Dating back to 1999, the Cleveland Browns thought they had filled that hole when they drafted Kentucky Quarterback Tim Couch with the first overall pick in that year’s NFL Draft. Needless to say, that experiment failed! As a matter of fact, many and I emphasize on “many” quarterbacks who were either drafted or signed by the Cleveland Browns never materialized or guide the franchise into becoming contenders. If you do not believe me, then just see for yourself!

In a Yahoo article back in September, it had noted that the Cleveland Browns had gone through 19 different starting quarterbacks since 1999 (The year Tim Couch was drafted). It is now 20 as Jason Campbell would be named the Browns starting quarterback midway through the 2013 season.

Many of these players never went on to have much of an NFL career or are still in the league but have not done much to date (Brady Quinn, Charlie Frye, Colt McCoy). Some, like Jake Delhomme, tried to revive their career’s by signing with Cleveland in hopes of reviving their career and the organization itself.

If you’re someone like Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles, or any other quarterback waiting to be selected in the 2014 NFL Draft, you may be sweating bullets once the Cleveland Browns are on the clock and may be hoping and praying that you do not potentially have the chance to become the 21st starting quarterback for the Browns since 1999!



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Name: DaQuan Jones 

Height: 6ft 4in.

Weight: 322lbs.

College: Penn State

Position: Defensive Tackle

2013 Season Stats- 45 Tackles, 11.5 Tackles for Loss, 3.5 Sacks

2014 NFL Combine- 40 time 5.35  Bench Press (225lbs.) 25 reps  Vertical Jump 27.5 inches

DaQuan Jones really improved his Draft Stock last year at Penn State. He was named 2013 First Team All Big Ten and was tied 13th for tackles for losses in the conference.


Jones knows how to use his hands to create separation between he and the opposing blocker. Good at executing arm over move which allows him to win one on one battles.

Here’s another look

      Jones also displays great control and awareness on the field and does the little things to allow teammates to make big plays!

 Again good use of hands and arms, and helps set up teammates to make a play

 One area that Jones needs to improve in is his raw strength. Despite his size, he does tend to get overmatched and strength with opposing lineman his own size

While Jones will need to possess a bit more strength, he will need to lean up a bit while putting on more solid muscle onto his frame and increasing endurance at the same time. Jones could also improve his game coming off the edge a bit when pass rushing.

Overall, Jones is a solid player and makes teammates around him better, but may need some time to improve his upon his weaknesses to reach his full potential. Some draft experts have him as a 3rd or 4th round pick in the NFL Draft, but I would not be all that surprised if he is a late 2nd rounder.

Sources: http://www.sports-reference.com

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Name: Sammy Watkins

Height: 6ft 1in.

Weight 211lbs.

College: Clemson

Position: Wide Receiver

Career Stats: 240 Receptions (101 in 2013), 27 TD Receptions (had 12 in two of his three seasons at Clemson) 3,391 Receiving Yards

2014 NFL Combine Results: 4.43 40   Bench Reps (225lbs.) 16 reps   Vertical Jump 34.0 inches


Watkins has great breakaway speed and has no trouble catching the ball in stride thanks in addition to his great hands.

In addition to his great speed and hands, Watkins does well at turning the corner before running up field. Watkins is a definite “Game Changer” caliber player, and is a homerun threat to score whenever he gets his hands on the ball.


Watkins as mentioned, has great speed, hands, and is able to catch the ball while in stride. He will need to brush up a bit on route running skills as he will most likely have to adapt from a flashy style offense he had at Clemson, to a more crisp approach in the NFL. One other thing that might cause Watkins some trouble is his height (6ft 1in.), and his vertical leap is just a mere 34.5 inches, which may cause problems in jump ball situations.


Sources: http://www.sports-reference.com

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Name: Dee Ford                     

Height: 6ft 2in.

Weight: 252lbs

College:  Auburn

Defensive End/Outside Linebacker * 29 Tackles, 14.5 for loss (2nd in SEC) and 10.5 Sacks in 2013 (2nd in SEC) * 2014 Senior Bowl MVP 2014

NFL Combine 40 Time: 4.55 Vertical Leap: 35.5 inches Bench Reps (225lbs.) 29 reps

Good at quickly getting lateral to quarterback. Great at using his speed, pure Pass Rusher.



Ford shows excellent pursuit, not giving up on a play and will fight until the very end


Despite Ford’s exceptional strength and speed as a pass rusher, he is a bit undersized. Ford may primarily play at Linebacker, but will be used as an additional lineman on the end in pass rushing situations. Ford may need to add on another 10-15lbs. of muscle to make up for the height disadvantage he will face against most lineman when coming off the snap.

Ford has great feet, but needs to use his hands more instead of relying strictly on speed and pass rushing alone.

Sources: http://www.sports-reference.com

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When James Franklin was hired at Penn State people seen him as a great recruiter and a dynamic football coach.    Some Nittany Lions  fans believe that within a few years after going through the NCAA sanctions they can contend for Big Ten and a National Title.    The only problem is that Franklin had to deal with a  problem from the past.  Four of his former football players at Vanderbilt were charged with raping a young woman at a party.   All four players were kicked off the team, and prosecutors said that Franklin was cleared of any wrong doing.   He reached out to the victim during a medical examination because she helped out in recruiting.   Franklin called her for private meeting and asked to get 15 pretty ladies to be hostess to help out with recruiting  even though it is against NCAA rules.   Penn State  had to deal with the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal and the heavy sanctions laid out by the NCAA.  If Franklin got any trouble over this situation Penn State could be hit with more several sanctions like more scholarships reduction an a extend of the post season ban.   Penn Sate could not hired a coach that had any past problem of any kind because they could be preceded as choosing winning over integrity.


Like Michael Sam came out to his teammates at the University of Missouri in college football.   Derrick Gordon did the same thing at the University of Massachusetts in college basketball.   Gordon who is a sophomore guard had to hide from his teammates from who he really was.   When Gordon came out he became a different person, and started to get calls from people who are struggling to come out of the closet.  Hopefully in the future an athlete coming out will not be a big story.


Northwestern_WildcatsNow that the National Labor Relation Board approved the Northwestern football team having a union. The university should not challenging the ruling, but should work with the players. The university should help out with the paying for medical coverage, meals, and spending money for the basic necessaries. The NCAA is making 10 Billion dollars from the basketball tournament especially from this weekend Final Four In Arlington, Texas. It would not hurt for colleges for to pay these athletes at least $10,000 as well as the regular scholarship. This is a complicated issue because other athletes in other sports want to get paid, and the Title IX ramification in dealing with female athletes.

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