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Everyone in the sports world obviously knows who Mike McQueary is. What they may not know is that McQueary had a gambling problem and perhaps even bet on games he played in while at Penn State! According to Deadspin, one of the games that raised some concerned stemmed from a game in 1995 versus Rutgers. In it, it states

In 1995, Mike McQueary threw a touchdown late in garbage time of a Penn State blowout over Rutgers. Then-Rutgers coach Doug Graber and Joe Paterno got into a shouting match after the game because Graber thought Paterno was running up the score. The touchdown put the 20-point-favorite Nittany Lions up 59-34. None of this is interesting at all but for a tiny anecdote about McQueary’s gambling habit while enrolled at Penn State, buried in ESPN’s profile on the Penn State whistleblower.

Several teammates have even stated they knew were aware of McQueary’s gambling problems and betting on the games they played in. A close friend even stated that “It got pretty bad” regarding McQueary’s gambling habits.

To read the rest of the article, click here http://deadspin.com/mcqueary-gambling-allegations-put-19-year-old-game-in-n-1537313917

Though I tread lightly on this, I wonder if any of this ties into McQueary’s testimonies and statements (which he has changed his stories multiple times) to the alleged incident of former coach Jerry Sandusky in a locker room shower with a 14 year old boy (not 10 like the media claims.) Perhaps when approached by authorities about an issue that happened a while back, McQueary panicked and maybe thought they knew about his alleged point shaving and gambling habits from many years ago. Though it turned out to be regarding Sandusky, one can make the argument that McQueary told authorities whatever they wanted to hear regarding Sandusky and the teenage boy so that in one way shape or form he could cover his backside! If you want more information about the alleged “shower incident” regarding Mike McQueary and Sandusky with the teenager go to the following




Is Mike McQueary really a “whistleblower” or is the reason he is suing Penn State is to pay off some of his gambling debts as opposed to his claims it has been hard for him to find a steady job? (Former Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley was just hired onto the West Virginia Coaching Staff) McQueary is also in the process of getting a divorce.

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                        AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

If you did not know already, I am a huge Penn State football fan. I am also not afraid to admit that I am a huge Joe Paterno fan! (Say what you want, but Paterno was railroaded and received no due process, but that is a different story for another day). Ever since becoming a fan of Penn State at the age of six one player who has always stood out for me from many others was Michael Robinson!  Michael Robinson who is currently the starting Fullback for the reigning Super Bowl champions Seattle Seahawks, came to Penn State in 2002.  Robinson was used at many different positions (Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver) before finally getting the starting spot at Quarterback his senior year during the 2005 season.


When Robinson first came to Penn State he has mentioned his eagerness to be the starting Quarterback and the frustration at having to wait to become so. Robinson would be looking at the picture from about one to two feet away, while Head Coach Joe Paterno was seeing things in the big picture for 20 feet away. As a matter of fact, Paterno predicted that Robinson would one day make it to the NFL Pro Bowl and that it would be either as a Running Back or Fullback. Paterno died on January 22, 2012. The same week Michael Robinson was practicing for his upcoming game in his first Pro Bowl, and just like Paterno predicted it was as a Fullback!

When asked what it was like playing for Joe Paterno, Robinson stated on his “RealRobReport” show  

     “It’s the best thing in the world!” You don’t always know it as a Freshman, but by the time you’re a senior, you understand it, you have respect of all life and you know exactly what your purpose here was.


Robinson has stated that his favorite moment at Penn State was after their 2006 Orange Bowl victory over the Florida State Seminoles and he was standing on the stage next to Joe. He noticed how proud Joe was of Robinson and this particular group of young men for what they had accomplished. (considering the fact that at the time, Penn State recently came off four losing seasons in the past five years). Robinson really started to appreciate what he went through at Penn State.


Despite Robinson’s stubbornness at wanting to become the starting Quarterback at Penn State, his playing of different positions allowed him to become a student of the game and learn all aspects of it!  Paterno’s coaching duties on the sidelines would transition over to Robinson went he went on the field. The leadership that Paterno handed over to Robinson allowed him (Robinson) to take responsability for the team’s performance and take notes at what things worked and what things needed to be changed.

Robinson never blamed Paterno for any of his mistakes. Instead he held himself accountable for the team’s performance on the field and would look to Joe not to blame him for the mistakes, but on how to correct them. Paterno’s love for Penn State would transition over to thousands upon thousands of alumni and players and Robinson was no exception! And despite all of the actions of one man (Jerry Sandusky) Robinson stated on his show


“I want future high school men and women who are deciding where to play football, or where deciding to play volleyball, basketball, whatever it maybe, an engineer. Whatever it maybe, really take a look at Penn State because we make some of the best men and women this world has to offer! Don’t let the actions of one man deter you away from a great university. Thank you.”


     Robinson would give an eulogy at Joe Paterno’s memorial service. Holding back the tears Robinson said

He didn’t lie to me, he didn’t lie to me at all once. Joe promised me my education would be second to none. He promised I would have an opportunity to compete for a starting Quarterback Position. He promised me I would play in front of the best fans in college football. Again Joe Paterno did not lie to me.  It’s been well noted the different positions I had to play during my career here. It was a gift and a curse. The gift was the amount of knowledge I gained that would help me in the National Football League today. The curse was the attitude Joe had to put up with because I wasn’t the starting Quarterback. I was and thought like a boy. Coach Paterno actually told me one day that he thought I would probably be a Pro Bowl Running Back or Fullback.


     At this point you could see Robinson shed some tears as he continued


       And as God as my witness…as God as my witness, three hours ago I got off a plane from Hawaii because I’ve been voted to my first Pro Bowl. Again, Coach Paterno did not lie to me!



                                                                    Jim Mahoney/AP


     The love an admiration for his school was the same love and admiration Paterno had for the university as he put over 60 years of his time into making Penn State what it is today, “Success with honor”.  Robinson always shared those same beliefs. He believes in doing things the right way, “success with honor”, Joe Paterno, the grand experiment! I personally would like to add onto that as one other popular slogan regarding Paterno and Penn State was  the black shoes, white helmets, no names on the back of jersey’s. To me that was all about honoring the past, while continuing for a brighter future!


“Success with honor” has allowed Robinson to flourish not just as a football player, but as a responsible, productive, and caring citizen! Robinson has succeeded in the NFL, having been voted to a Pro Bowl and having won a Super Bowl, while simultaneously beginning his own sports reporting gig, “RealRobReport”. The experience and knowledge Robinson gained from Penn State and Joe Paterno has allowed him to have success in many fields, as opposed to just one of that being football. Robinson has continued to live his life by “Success with honor” because he was able to be apart of Joe Paterno’s grand experiment!




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You know the routine of when a young man has an interest in a girl, he has to deal with the father of the said girl he shows an interest in!  Same stayed true to form after Penn State Football’s Offensive Line Coach posted a picture of his daughter on Twitter and one gutsy Penn State student and fan asked for his daughters number! Here’s the exchange between the two on Twitter!




     All ended well though and the student was a good sport in all of it and Herb Hand also got a nice little chuckle out of it as well! But lets this be known, whenever any of you young men out there have an interest in a particular young woman, you need to also know that impressing her may not be your hardest obstacle, but having to get through her overly protected father is what may be the true key to her heart! ;)

A group of Northwestern football players are trying to form a union. They have filed a petition with the National Labor Relation Board. They want improved medical care especially after the career is done, funds for continuing educational opportunities and scholarships that would cover the cost of attendance for athletes. College athletes don’t get any of the financial rewards that universities get from the NCAA. This should speed up the process of athletes getting some type of payment. If college athletes are allowed to have a union it could open a lot of opportunities. Both sides would have to find middle ground, and that would how athletes get paid without opening the Pandora’s Box. That means that athletes would be susceptible up to illegal payments by boosters and shady agents. Some people think that a union would undermine the purpose of college, and that this to get an education. However, if this union is legal it could change college athletics as we known it, but the NCAA will fight this thing every step of the way.


Penn St alum aren’t the only ones clamoring to get the field at Beaver Stadium named after Joe Paterno.  A student has started a petition which has reached 57,000 signatures at last check to get the field named after Joe Pa.

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