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Today, the NCAA announced that the Penn State football team bowl ban has ended, and next year there will have a full scholarships.    They believe Penn State has abide the rules during the punishment for the Jerry Sandusky child sex scandal.  I don’t believe the current players should have not be punished for the actions of former University President Graham Spainer, VP Gary Schultz, and Athletic Director Tim Curley of covering up the scandal, plus Joe Paterno inaction in preventing Sandusky’s crimes. The people who should have been punished were the ones who were covering up the crime and Sandusky who serving a life sentence in prison for his crimes.    Did the NCAA got it wrong on the heavy sanctions on the university.    What is the end game of the Paterno supporters to me they want the statue up and his wins reinstated.    They care more about that then the victims who suffered at the hands of Sandusky, and Paterno who did not prevent it.


For the past two years I have both, made season predictions for Penn State Football, and wrote game recaps for each game (I will leave a link to both articles of my season predictions, and all of my game recaps from the past two seasons). We will take a look at each game, give a little summary, and predict outcome as well as the score.

Penn State vs Central Florida

Christian Hackenberg will have a season of experience under his belt, and put in a solid effort last season in the Nittany Lions meeting with the Knights. (21/28 262 passing yards 1 TD). Zach Zwinak ran for three touchdowns. Central Florida will be without Blake Bortles and Storm Johnson. The Knights are returning three of their leading receivers from last year, but Central Florida quarterback Justin Holman will be playing behind an inexperienced offensive line and a much improved Penn State secondary.

Final Score: Penn State 35   Central Florida 24

Penn State vs Akron

Akron finished the 2013 season on a good note by winning its last three games. But despite some improvement, Penn State should still come away with the easy win in this contest

Final Score Penn State 34  Akron 13

Penn State vs Rutgers

This one may be a surprise test for the Nittany Lions. On paper Penn State are clear favorites, but Rutgers returns 8 starters on offense, including quarterback Gary Nova. But the Scarlet Knights gave up an average of 400 yards on defense per game (412.8). Not to mention 312 yards through the air, where Hackenberg could put on a clinic in this game

Final Score Penn State 45  Rutgers 21

Penn State vs UMass

In what should be a tune up game before entering the heart of the season schedule, the Nittany Lions should run away with this one, and be able to give some players on bottom part of depth chart some playing time

Final Score Penn State 55 UMass 10

Penn State vs Northwestern

Northwestern always puts up a good fight against Penn State. But expect the Nittany Lions like in recent games before, to take control of this one by the second half with its running attack.

Final Score Penn State 41 Northwestern 31

Penn State vs Michigan

Heading into the Big House is no easy task. It is even harder going into Ann Arbor during primetime. Perhaps another instant classic is in store for us when the Nittany Lions and Wolverines meet up in 2014. Whether or not that is the case, I expect the Wolverines to come out on top in this one.

Final Score Penn State 25 Michigan 35

Penn State vs Ohio State

This one will be a lot closer than last year’s embarrassing 63-14 loss in Columbus. Plus this one will also be in primetime, but this time in State College. But in the end Braxton Miller and the Ohio State Buckeyes experience will ultimately win out in this one

Final Score  Penn State 28  Ohio State 38

Penn State vs Maryland

The Nittany Lions will face an experienced Maryland team (thanks to injuries that allowed players on bottom of depth chart to receive playing time) If Maryland can stay healthy, it may walk out of Beavier Stadium with a “W”

 Final Score

Penn State 28  Maryland 35

Penn State vs Indiana

One of the main reasons Penn State lost to Indiana for the first time in school history last season was because they did not stick to the ground game (which Indiana ranked amongst one of the worse last season (110th). If they stick to a sound game plan, control the game clock, and keep Indiana’s offense off the field as long as possible, then the Nittany Lions will avoid another upset.

Final Score  Penn State 44 Indiana 26

Penn State vs Temple

Giving up nearly 300 yards a game through the air last year, Hackenberg will have another day at the office against the Owls secondary.

Final Score  Penn State 48  Temple 17

Penn State vs Illinois

Illinois was both bad on the run game on both sides of the ball. Penn State is typically good at stopping the run, and a solid run game and performance by both Zach Zwinak and Bill Belton should vault the Nittany Lions past the Fighting Illini

Final Score  Penn State 27  Illinois 16

Penn State vs Michigan State

The Spartans will have one of the best defenses and ranked 2nd overall in the country last year on route to a 13-1 record which included a Big Ten Championship and a victory in the Rose Bowl over Stanford. The Nittany Lions will have their hands full on offense. But I actually expect Penn State to make this game closer than some may think by putting up a valiant effort on defense as well.

Final Score Penn State 20  Michigan State 24

Final Overall Prediction for 2014 Season: Penn State- Overall 8-4 (Big Ten 4-4)

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2013 NFL Stats of Penn State Football Players http://kcsportsninja.com/2013-nfl-stats-of-penn-state-football-players/



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I know I may and will receive a lot of heat for this piece, but as the saying goes “The truth hurts”. What exactly is the “truth” and who will it “hurt” in this situation? The truth being that Joe Paterno was never
told of a sex act between Jerry Sandusky and a young boy and how it would and should hurt the media’s narrative that Paterno enabled Sandusky to sensationalize their agenda without any facts. Former Penn
State Quarterback and Wide Receivers Coach Mike McQueary, who at the time was a graduate assistant, said he heard slapping sounds in the shower of the Penn State locker room. He went to look and see what it was, and expected to see a man and a woman having sex, but what he ended up seeing was Jerry Sandusky and a 14 year old teenage boy. Just what exactly did McQueary see, and more importantly what did he tell Joe Paterno is the question. McQueary has made so many different interpretation of events that it is hard to know for sure what he saw that night. After all, one of the accounts dropped against Sandusky stemmed from the McQueary episode.

As for the media, they took the ball and ran with the story that Paterno was told by McQueary that he witnessed Sandusky performing “Anal Rape” and Paterno did everything to sweep it under the rug to
protect the image of the football program. I feel sorry for the naïve people that the media preys upon because they know the majority of people will not do any real ounce of research or even realize that the”truth” is whatever the media says it is. (Meaning if the Main Stream Media reports it then it must be true)

All Paterno was told by McQueary at the time back in 2001 was that there may have been horse playing or some sort of inappropriate behavior going on, but was never clear to Paterno as to what it was. Here is an interesting note, prior to telling Paterno, McQueary went and told his father and Dr. Dranov (who was the boss of McQueary’s father)  to tell them what he saw. Dr. Dranov who was a mandated reporter, would have had to immediately call Child Welfare if McQueary told them he saw a crime take place between Sandusky and the boy. Oddly though, McQueary’s father and Dr. Dranov instructed Mike to tell Paterno of the altercation instead of reporting to the authorities himself. (Which is what one would think he would do had he actually witnessed a sex act between Sandusky and a boy.)

Here is the first part that easily debunks any “cover-up” orchestrated by Paterno. When McQueary told Paterno of situation, would not he right then and there say “Okay Mike, listen to me. Tell no one and we will just keep this between us.” Except Paterno contacted his immediate supervisor and Athletic Director Tim Curley to look into the situation, and that right there is the second part that debunks any “cover up” by Paterno. If he, or anyone in general for that matter wanted to cover something up, would they honestly get someone else involved? No, of course not! Part of what makes a cover up successful is that the less people involved, the greater chance it remains covered.

Once Paterno reported it to his supervisor, there was nothing legally and dare I say “morally” more he could do as he only could go off hearsay as he never witnessed anything. Paterno followed up with
McQueary asking him if he felt the situation was handled properly to which he firmly told him that it was so. So where is this “big conspiracy”? If you are going to say “Paterno should have done more”
Please explain thoroughly in full detail of what “doing more” is. Also, some suggest McQueary blackmailed Paterno into a coverup in exchange for the vacant Wide Receiver Coaching Position after Kenny Jackson left for a coaching job with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Well that too is easily quick to debunk as McQueary did not become the Wide Receiver’s Coach until three years later in 2004. I hardly think if someone was being blackmailed that it would take them more than three years to come up with a proposition.

I know I will be called a “Joe Bot” by many and that I have blinders on. Probably even an “enabler”, but that honestly does not bother me. What actually bothers me is that I am somehow diminished because I am a “Joe Bot” when the facts actually support this supposedly “Joe Bot” position. The people who know the most about this case should not be discredited simply because they had admiration for a guy who deserved admiration and due process. I guess that makes me a
“Joe Bot”, which I will proudly acknowledge that! Also I would ironically like to point out that  Frank Fina, lead prosecutor in Sandusky case, is a “Joe Bot” as well as he even said on national television that he did not find any evidence of Paterno partaking in a cover up in anyway!



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I was surprised that the Steelers drafted Ryan Shazier in the 1st round in the NFL Draft.    He could play both inside and outside linebacker and for Ohio State racked up over 100 tackles in the past two seasons.  He can rush the passer and drop back into pass coverage.   His shortcomings are lack of size, being over aggressive at times, his inconsistent tackling, and can be bullied by offensive line.  He has a good over all around game, but lack of strength could be his undoing in the NFL.     The Steelers still have to address the defensive line, secondary, and the receiving corps.   I will be blogging about the rest of the Steelers draft this weekend, but might a little busy watching the Penguins tomorrow night.


Most NFL teams when in a rebuilding mode, start by building around who they deem will be their franchise quarterback for years to come (i.e. Peyton Manning drafted by Indianapolis Colts). Sometimes the case may just simply be a team’s only hole to fill happens to be the quarterback position. Dating back to 1999, the Cleveland Browns thought they had filled that hole when they drafted Kentucky Quarterback Tim Couch with the first overall pick in that year’s NFL Draft. Needless to say, that experiment failed! As a matter of fact, many and I emphasize on “many” quarterbacks who were either drafted or signed by the Cleveland Browns never materialized or guide the franchise into becoming contenders. If you do not believe me, then just see for yourself!

In a Yahoo article back in September, it had noted that the Cleveland Browns had gone through 19 different starting quarterbacks since 1999 (The year Tim Couch was drafted). It is now 20 as Jason Campbell would be named the Browns starting quarterback midway through the 2013 season.

Many of these players never went on to have much of an NFL career or are still in the league but have not done much to date (Brady Quinn, Charlie Frye, Colt McCoy). Some, like Jake Delhomme, tried to revive their career’s by signing with Cleveland in hopes of reviving their career and the organization itself.

If you’re someone like Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles, or any other quarterback waiting to be selected in the 2014 NFL Draft, you may be sweating bullets once the Cleveland Browns are on the clock and may be hoping and praying that you do not potentially have the chance to become the 21st starting quarterback for the Browns since 1999!



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Name: DaQuan Jones 

Height: 6ft 4in.

Weight: 322lbs.

College: Penn State

Position: Defensive Tackle

2013 Season Stats- 45 Tackles, 11.5 Tackles for Loss, 3.5 Sacks

2014 NFL Combine- 40 time 5.35  Bench Press (225lbs.) 25 reps  Vertical Jump 27.5 inches

DaQuan Jones really improved his Draft Stock last year at Penn State. He was named 2013 First Team All Big Ten and was tied 13th for tackles for losses in the conference.


Jones knows how to use his hands to create separation between he and the opposing blocker. Good at executing arm over move which allows him to win one on one battles.

Here’s another look

      Jones also displays great control and awareness on the field and does the little things to allow teammates to make big plays!

 Again good use of hands and arms, and helps set up teammates to make a play

 One area that Jones needs to improve in is his raw strength. Despite his size, he does tend to get overmatched and strength with opposing lineman his own size

While Jones will need to possess a bit more strength, he will need to lean up a bit while putting on more solid muscle onto his frame and increasing endurance at the same time. Jones could also improve his game coming off the edge a bit when pass rushing.

Overall, Jones is a solid player and makes teammates around him better, but may need some time to improve his upon his weaknesses to reach his full potential. Some draft experts have him as a 3rd or 4th round pick in the NFL Draft, but I would not be all that surprised if he is a late 2nd rounder.

Sources: http://www.sports-reference.com

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When James Franklin was hired at Penn State people seen him as a great recruiter and a dynamic football coach.    Some Nittany Lions  fans believe that within a few years after going through the NCAA sanctions they can contend for Big Ten and a National Title.    The only problem is that Franklin had to deal with a  problem from the past.  Four of his former football players at Vanderbilt were charged with raping a young woman at a party.   All four players were kicked off the team, and prosecutors said that Franklin was cleared of any wrong doing.   He reached out to the victim during a medical examination because she helped out in recruiting.   Franklin called her for private meeting and asked to get 15 pretty ladies to be hostess to help out with recruiting  even though it is against NCAA rules.   Penn State  had to deal with the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal and the heavy sanctions laid out by the NCAA.  If Franklin got any trouble over this situation Penn State could be hit with more several sanctions like more scholarships reduction an a extend of the post season ban.   Penn Sate could not hired a coach that had any past problem of any kind because they could be preceded as choosing winning over integrity.


Everyone in the sports world obviously knows who Mike McQueary is. What they may not know is that McQueary had a gambling problem and perhaps even bet on games he played in while at Penn State! According to Deadspin, one of the games that raised some concerned stemmed from a game in 1995 versus Rutgers. In it, it states

In 1995, Mike McQueary threw a touchdown late in garbage time of a Penn State blowout over Rutgers. Then-Rutgers coach Doug Graber and Joe Paterno got into a shouting match after the game because Graber thought Paterno was running up the score. The touchdown put the 20-point-favorite Nittany Lions up 59-34. None of this is interesting at all but for a tiny anecdote about McQueary’s gambling habit while enrolled at Penn State, buried in ESPN’s profile on the Penn State whistleblower.

Several teammates have even stated they knew were aware of McQueary’s gambling problems and betting on the games they played in. A close friend even stated that “It got pretty bad” regarding McQueary’s gambling habits.

To read the rest of the article, click here http://deadspin.com/mcqueary-gambling-allegations-put-19-year-old-game-in-n-1537313917

Though I tread lightly on this, I wonder if any of this ties into McQueary’s testimonies and statements (which he has changed his stories multiple times) to the alleged incident of former coach Jerry Sandusky in a locker room shower with a 14 year old boy (not 10 like the media claims.) Perhaps when approached by authorities about an issue that happened a while back, McQueary panicked and maybe thought they knew about his alleged point shaving and gambling habits from many years ago. Though it turned out to be regarding Sandusky, one can make the argument that McQueary told authorities whatever they wanted to hear regarding Sandusky and the teenage boy so that in one way shape or form he could cover his backside! If you want more information about the alleged “shower incident” regarding Mike McQueary and Sandusky with the teenager go to the following







Is Mike McQueary really a “whistleblower” or is the reason he is suing Penn State is to pay off some of his gambling debts as opposed to his claims it has been hard for him to find a steady job? (Former Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley was just hired onto the West Virginia Coaching Staff) McQueary is also in the process of getting a divorce.

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                        AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

If you did not know already, I am a huge Penn State football fan. I am also not afraid to admit that I am a huge Joe Paterno fan! (Say what you want, but Paterno was railroaded and received no due process, but that is a different story for another day http://kcsportsninja.com/embracing-the-fact-that-i-am-a-joe-bot/). Ever since becoming a fan of Penn State at the age of six, one player who has always stood out for me from many others was Michael Robinson! Michael Robinson who is currently the starting Fullback for the reigning Super Bowl champions Seattle Seahawks, came to Penn State in 2002.  Robinson was used at many different positions (Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver) before finally getting the starting spot at Quarterback his senior year during the 2005 season.


When Robinson first came to Penn State he has mentioned his eagerness to be the starting Quarterback and the frustration at having to wait to become so. Robinson would be looking at the picture from about one to two feet away, while Head Coach Joe Paterno was seeing things in the big picture from 20 feet away. As a matter of fact, Paterno predicted that Robinson would one day make it to the NFL Pro Bowl and that it would be either as a Running Back or Fullback. Paterno died on January 22, 2012. The same week Michael Robinson was practicing for his upcoming game in his first Pro Bowl, and just like Paterno predicted it was as a Fullback!

When asked what it was like playing for Joe Paterno, Robinson stated on his “RealRobReport” show  

     “It’s the best thing in the world!” You don’t always know it as a Freshman, but by the time you’re a senior, you understand it, you have respect of all life and you know exactly what your purpose here was.


Robinson has stated that his favorite moment at Penn State was after their 2006 Orange Bowl victory over the Florida State Seminoles and he was standing on the stage next to Joe. He noticed how proud Joe was of Robinson and this particular group of young men for what they had accomplished. (considering the fact that at the time, Penn State recently came off four losing seasons in the past five years). Robinson really started to appreciate what he went through at Penn State.


Despite Robinson’s stubbornness at wanting to become the starting Quarterback at Penn State, his playing of different positions allowed him to become a student of the game and learn all aspects of it!  Paterno’s coaching duties on the sidelines would transition over to Robinson when he went on the field. The leadership that Paterno handed over to Robinson allowed him (Robinson) to take responsibility for the team’s performance and take notes at what things worked and what things needed to be changed.

Robinson never blamed Paterno for any of his mistakes. Instead he held himself accountable for the team’s performance on the field and would look to Joe not to blame him for the mistakes, but on how to correct them. Paterno’s love for Penn State would transition over to thousands upon thousands of alumni and players and Robinson was no exception! And despite all of the actions of one man (Jerry Sandusky) Robinson stated on his show


“I want future high school men and women who are deciding where to play football, or where deciding to play volleyball, basketball, whatever it maybe, an engineer. Whatever it maybe, really take a look at Penn State because we make some of the best men and women this world has to offer! Don’t let the actions of one man deter you away from a great university. Thank you.”


     Robinson would give an eulogy at Joe Paterno’s memorial service. Holding back his emotions Robinson said

He didn’t lie to me, he didn’t lie to me at all once. Joe promised me my education would be second to none. He promised I would have an opportunity to compete for a starting Quarterback Position. He promised me I would play in front of the best fans in college football. Again Joe Paterno did not lie to me.  It’s been well noted the different positions I had to play during my career here. It was a gift and a curse. The gift was the amount of knowledge I gained that would help me in the National Football League today. The curse was the attitude Joe had to put up with because I wasn’t the starting Quarterback. I was and thought like a boy. Coach Paterno actually told me one day that he thought I would probably be a Pro Bowl Running Back or Fullback.


     At this point you could see Robinson shed some tears as he continued


       And as God as my witness…as God as my witness, three hours ago I got off a plane from Hawaii because I’ve been voted to my first Pro Bowl. Again, Coach Paterno did not lie to me!



                                                                    Jim Mahoney/AP


     The love an admiration for his school was the same love and admiration Paterno had for the university as he put over 60 years of his time into making Penn State what it is today, “Success with honor”.  Robinson always shared those same beliefs. He believes in doing things the right way, “success with honor”, Joe Paterno, the grand experiment! I personally would like to add onto that as one other popular slogan regarding Paterno and Penn State was  the black shoes, white helmets, no names on the back of jersey’s. To me that was all about honoring the past, while continuing for a brighter future!


“Success with honor” has allowed Robinson to flourish not just as a football player, but as a responsible, productive, and caring citizen! Robinson has succeeded in the NFL, having been voted to a Pro Bowl and having won a Super Bowl, while simultaneously beginning his own sports reporting gig, “RealRobReport”. The experience and knowledge Robinson gained from Penn State and Joe Paterno has allowed him to have success in many fields, as opposed to just one of that being football. Robinson has continued to live his life by “Success with honor” because he was able to be apart of Joe Paterno’s grand experiment!




For more on Michael Robinson visit his website www.realrobreport.com

or check him out on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/RealRobReport

You can also follow him on Twitter! https://twitter.com/RealMikeRob


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You know the routine of when a young man has an interest in a girl, he has to deal with the father of the said girl he shows an interest in!  Same stayed true to form after Penn State Football’s Offensive Line Coach posted a picture of his daughter on Twitter and one gutsy Penn State student and fan asked for his daughters number! Here’s the exchange between the two on Twitter!




     All ended well though and the student was a good sport in all of it and Herb Hand also got a nice little chuckle out of it as well! But lets this be known, whenever any of you young men out there have an interest in a particular young woman, you need to also know that impressing her may not be your hardest obstacle, but having to get through her overly protected father is what may be the true key to her heart! ;)

A group of Northwestern football players are trying to form a union. They have filed a petition with the National Labor Relation Board. They want improved medical care especially after the career is done, funds for continuing educational opportunities and scholarships that would cover the cost of attendance for athletes. College athletes don’t get any of the financial rewards that universities get from the NCAA. This should speed up the process of athletes getting some type of payment. If college athletes are allowed to have a union it could open a lot of opportunities. Both sides would have to find middle ground, and that would how athletes get paid without opening the Pandora’s Box. That means that athletes would be susceptible up to illegal payments by boosters and shady agents. Some people think that a union would undermine the purpose of college, and that this to get an education. However, if this union is legal it could change college athletics as we known it, but the NCAA will fight this thing every step of the way.

NaVorro Bowman ( San Francisco 49ers)
               Christian Petersen/Getty Images
145 Tackles, 5.0 Sacks, 4 Forced Fumbles, 2 Fumble Recoveries, 2 Interceptions (1 returned for a Touchdown), 9 Pass Deflections
Levi Brown ( Pittsburgh Steelers) IR
           Christian Petersen/Getty Images
Started in 4 games for the Arizona Cardinals before being traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers and suffering a season ending triceps injury.

Dan Connor ( Carolina Panthers)

          Handout/Getty Images
Played in 6 games total (1 with NY Giants 5 with Carolina Panthers) recorded 4 Tackles
Jack Crawford (Oakland Raiders)
  Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports
Played in 15 games while recording 8 Tackles
Robbie Gould ( Chicago Bears)
   Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
26 of 29 on Field Goal Attempts, Made 11 from 20-29 yards, 7 from 30-39 yards, 7 from 40-49 yards, 4 from 50+ yards, (58 longest of 2013-14 season and of career) 55 of 56 on Extra Points, 123 Points 

Tamba Hali ( Kansas City Chiefs)

  Harry How/Getty Images

 46 Tackles, 11.0 Sacks, 4 Forced Fumbles, 2 Fumble Recoveries, 1 Interception (returned for a Touchdown), 1 Pass Deflection

Jordan Hill ( Seattle Seahawks)

7 Tackles, 1.5 Sacks in 4 games played.
Gerald Hodges ( Minnesota Vikings)
 Hannah Foslien/Getty Images North America
5 Tackles in 11 games played

Josh Hull ( Washington Redskins)

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

14 Tackles in 11 games played

Sean Lee ( Dallas Cowboys)

Ray Carlin/Icon SMI

99 Tackles in 11 games, 1 Fumble Recovery, 4 Interceptions (1 returned for a Touchdown), 6 Pass DeflectionsMichael Mauti ( Minnesota Vikings)

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

12 Tackles in 14 games played
Matt McGloin ( Oakland Raiders)
  Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
In 7 games, went 118 of 211 on pass completions, 1,547 yards, 8 TD, 8 INT, 2 Fumbles (1 lost)
Derek Moye (Pittsburgh Steelers)
    Andy Lyons/Getty Images North America)In 7 games played, caught 2 receptions for 20 yards, one being a TD Reception!

Jared Odrick ( Miami Dolphins)

Photo via Allen Eyestone/Palm Beach Post

43 Tackles, 4.5 Sacks, 1 Forced Fumble, 2 Pass DeflectionsRich Ohrnberger ( San Diego Chargers)

               Photo Credit: San Diego Chargers’ Website.Played in 13 Games (Named starter in one)

Paul Posluszny ( Jacksonville Jaguars)

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

161 Tackles, 3.0 Sacks, 1 Forced Fumble, 1 Fumble Recovery, 2 Interceptions (1 returned for a TD), 9 Pass Deflections
Chaz Powell ( New York Giants) Practice Squad
 via espn.go.com
No Stats

Andrew Quarless (Green Bay Packers)

   Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

32 Receptions, 312 yards, 2 Touchdowns

Michael Robinson ( Seattle Seahawks)
         Al Bello/Getty Images
Played in 9 games, 0 rushing yards, 2 Receptions for 27 yards
Evan Royster ( Washington Redskins)
   Jason Miller/Getty Images
Played in 10 games, 0 rushing yards, 1 reception 3 yards, before suffering ankle injury
A.Q. Shipley ( Baltimore Ravens)
   Brad Mills – USA TODAY Sports
Played in 16 games (starting in nine)
Mickey Shuler ( Atlanta Falcons) Practice Squad
      (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)
No Stats
Devon Still ( Cincinnati Bengals)
           Mark Zerof-US PRESSWIRE
In 10 games had 7 Tackles, 0.5 sacks, 1 Forced Fumble, 3 Pass Deflections. Suffered season ending elbow injury
Nathan Stupar ( Jacksonville Jaguars)
      via Stupar’s Twitter
In 12 Games (5 with San Francisco, 7 with Jacksonville) recorded 10 Tackles
Andrew Szczerba ( Atlanta Falcons) IR
     via espn.go.comNo Stats

Phillip Taylor ( Cleveland Browns)
    Matt Sullivan/Getty Images North America
26 Tackles, 2.0 Sacks, 1 Pass Deflection
Johnnie Troutman ( San Diego Chargers)

AP Photo/Paul Spinelli

Played in 14 Games
Cameron Wake ( Miami Dolphins)

   Jim Rogash/Getty Images37 Tackles, 8.5 Sacks, 2 Forced Fumbles, 1 Fumble Recovery. Also recorded a safety against the Cincinnati Bengals to win game for Miami Dolphins

Stefen Wisniewski ( Oakland Raiders)

picture via pittsburghsportsreport.com

Played and started in 14 games
Michael Zordich ( Carolina Panthers)
Missed season with ACL injury

All stats come from player profiles via espn.go.com

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