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It is never too early to start talking about football! With less than three months to go until the start of the 2014 NFL Season, interesting stories have and will continue to build until the season finally commences! So with that out of the way, lets take a look at some scenarios and either “Buy” or “Sell” them actually happening this upcoming NFL Season!

Buy or Sell

1. Dallas Cowboys Will Make The Playoffs?

2. LeSean McCoy Will Repeat As NFL Rushing Leader?

3. Eli Manning Will Have a Bounce Back Year?

2013 Stats: 3,818 Passing Yards, 18 Touchdowns, 27 Interceptions (most in league in 2013, as well career worst) 69.4 QB Rating

4. Nick Foles Will Continue Success From Last Season And Be Eagles Next Franchise Quarterback?

2013 Stats: 8-2 record, 27 Touchdowns (only 2 interceptions), league best QB Rating of 119.2

5. Calvin Johnson Will Have at Least 1,500 Yards Receiving?

2013 Stats: 14 Games Played, 1,492 Receiving Yards, 12 TD Receptions

6. One of The Following Head Coaches Will Lead Their New Team To The Playoffs?

  1. Bill O’Brien- Houston Texans
  2. Jim Caldwell- Detroit Lions
  3. Mike Pettine- Cleveland Browns
  4. Mike Zimmer- Minnesota Vikings
  5. Lovie Smith- Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  6. Ken Whisenhunt- Tennessee Titans
  7. Jay Gruden- Washington Redskins


7. At least One of The Following Head Coaches Will Be Fired After The Season?

  1. Rex Ryan- New York Jets
  2. Mike Tomlin- Pittsburgh Steelers
  3. Marvin Lewis- Cincinnati Bengals
  4. Jason Garrett- Dallas Cowboys



8. Drew Brees Will Throw For 5,000+ Yards For The 4th Consecutive Season?

9. Jadeveon Clowney Will Win Defensive Rookie of the Year?

10. Johnny Manziel Will Start a Game For Cleveland?

11. There Will Be QB Controversy For The New York Jets Between Geno Smith & Mike Vick?

12. The New England Patriots Will Win The AFC East For The Sixth Straight Season?

13. Peyton Manning Will Throw 50+ TD Passes?

2013 Stats: 5,477 Passing Yards (NFL Record), 55 Touchdown Passes (NFL Record), 342.3 Passing yards per game (league best), 115.1 QB Rating

14. Richard Sherman Will Have at Least 8 Interceptions For The Third Consecutive Season?

15. The Seattle Seahawks Will Repeat As Super Bowl Champions?

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As the NFL Schedule was released yesterday, one of the many talked about subjects were key match ups during the 17 week long regular season. I compromised 10 games that are out of division, match ups that are a must watch as some may and will hold playoff implications and positioning, another chapter being added to rivalries, and rematches with one team looking for revenge! Without further ado, here are my 10 must see (out of division) games to watch this 2014 NFL Season!


Week 1 

Seattle Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers

The Seattle Seahawks begin their Super Bowl title defense against the Green Bay Packers. The last time these two teams met, it ended in controversial fashion when an Hail Mary attempt appeared to be intercepted in the endzone by then Packers Safety, M.D. Jennings. It was then when then Seahawks Receiver Golden Tate made a desperate yet obvious last ditch attempt to persuade the replacement officials that he was the one in full control of the ball when coming down with it. The call was ruled a touchdown and ironically a few days later Tate admitted he pushed off a defender (which would be offensive pass interference) before “catching” the ball for the game winning touchdown. Thankfully just two days later, the original referees ended the “2012 NFL Referee Lockout” by coming to an agreement with the NFL.

Week 2

Indianapolis Colts vs Philadelphia Eagles

Indianapolis’ Andrew Luck has already cemented himself as the next franchise Quarterback for the Colts. The Eagles are hoping they found theirs finally for the first time since the Donovan McNabb era in Nick Foles. Foles made a quick mid-season impression and lead the Philadelphia Eagles to a division title last year.

Week 3

Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos

Super Bowl 48 rematch! We know Denver will be looking to avenge its embarrassing performance against Seattle when the Seahawk defense picked apart Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense en route to a 43-8 Super Bowl victory. Will the Legion of Boom continue where it last left off from its dominance in the Super Bowl, or will Peyton Manning and the Denver offense finally have an answer for the “12th man”?

Week 4

San Francisco 49ers vs Philadelphia Eagles

Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagle will be heavily tested early on in 2014, as they face another Super Bowl contender, San Francisco 49ers, in Week 4. Colin Kaepernick has come close to a Super Bowl ring twice. In 2013 he and the 49ers were defeated by the Ravens in Super Bowl 47, and lost in last year’s NFC Championship Game against the Seahawks. Foles will look to prove he is the future and answer the Eagles problems, while Kaepernick is trying to solve the problem of getting over the hump en-route to a Super Bowl ring.

Week 7

Denver Broncos vs San Francisco 49ers

In what could have been the other possible Super Bowl 48 match up, perhaps finally we will get a glimpse into what might have happened this past February had these two teams met for the Lombardi Trophy. Would Colin Kaepernick have “Kaepernicked” his way to a Super Bowl victory, or would Peyton Manning defied his critics and ended up winning his 2nd Super Bowl? I guess this will be the closest way in finding out the answer to that question…..for now!

Week 8

New Orleans Saints vs Green Bay Packers

In what is sure to be a quarterback clinic, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees have combined for 2,067 passing yards (Rodgers-879, Brees- 1,188) 19 touchdown passes (Rodgers 9, Brees 10) and 211 points totaled between the two teams when these two meet. (Rodgers has won 2 of 3 matches against Brees)

Week 9

New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos

Chapter 16 of the classic “Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning” rivalry. New England hosted Denver last year in the regular season where the Broncos jumped out to a 24-0 lead before the Patriots made a huge comeback to win the game. Unfortunately for Brady and the Patriots, New England was not able to go into Mile High Stadium and capture the AFC Championship two months later against Manning and the Broncos. Though both quarterbacks are nearing the end of their respective careers, they will still have plenty to play for and much to prove.

Week 10

New Orleans Saints vs San Francisco 49ers

Two different style quarterbacks, both of whom produce big numbers and positive results. While Drew Brees is a protocol “gun slinging” and “pocket presence” quarterback, Colin Kaepernick gets it done not only through the air, but on his legs, via the ground game. This mid-season match up could give early indications of playoff positioning, and for these two championship contenders, positioning means everything!

Week 13

Green Bay Packers vs New England Patriots

Another match up where Tom Brady will be facing an elite quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. While Tom Brady may not have as many weapons as Aaron Rodgers and this is not the same New England teams from year’s past, Brady’s experience and leadership begins to take stride around this time each season. Rodgers will be no slouch either as he already has a Super Bowl trophy and like Brady, has his sights set on another one!

Week 14

Philadelphia Eagles vs Seattle Seahawks

A potential playoff preview, it will be interesting to see how these two teams offenses generate against each other. The Seahawks, led by Russell Wilson, will have Marshawn Lynch in the backfield with Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin, and Jermaime Kearse as down field threats. The Eagles counter that with Nick Foles at quarterback with what also might be now the most dynamic backfield duo in the entire NFL after obtaining Darren Sproles to complement LeSean McCoy. Even though Philadelphia lost DeSean Jackson, they will be getting Jeremy Maclin back and Riley Cooper has emerged as the Eagles No. 2 Receiver. A definite must watch battle between these two high tempo, fast paced offenses!

With that said, are you ready for some football!?!?!?!?!

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Not one to shy away from speaking his mind, Seattle Seahawks cornerback got into a debate with New England Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount. Blount made a bold statement saying that the Broncos had signed the best corner in the game, Aqib Talib. Sherman decided to weigh in on this and explain to Blount why that is not the case. Here is the exchange of tweets between Blount and Sherman, which shows that not only can Sherman play a good game, but talk a good one too!


Like Michael Crabtree before him, Sherman had to teach Blount a valuable lesson, do not mess with the best corner in the game!


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The big hulking defensive tackle that plugged up holes against offensive lines for the Patriots, Vince Wilfork, reportedly wants out of New England. NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport stated “defensive tackle Vince Wilfork has requested his release after 10 years with the Patriots.” Wilfork, who was a first round draft pick in 2004, is in the final year of his contract and his cap hit would cost the Patriots $11.6 million. The Patriots had asked Wilfork to reconstruct his contract to reduce the cap hit against New England. Wilfork played in just four games last season as he dealt with a torn Achilles tendon. During his 10 seasons with the Patriots, Wilfork posted 330 tackles, 16.0 sacks, 2 interceptions, 5 forced fumbles, and 12 fumble recoveries (returning 1 for a touchdown).

It is thought that Wilfork would be sought after by the Miami Dolphins, given the fact that he is a Florida native.  Imagine he and Randy Starks lined up next to each other on the defensive front for the Dolphins? It certainly is not a position any running back would like to find themselves in!

Source: http://www.thephinsider.com/2014/3/13/5505870/vince-wilfork-looking-to-get-out-of-new-england

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New England Patriots Wide Receiver Julian Edelman will enter free agency after both sides failed to come to an agreement. Edelman was the Patriots number one receiver last year, leading the team in receptions (105), receiving yards (1,056) and touchdown receptions (6). The failure of re-signing of Edelman leaves the Patriots without a down field threat and will need to look elsewhere. If I were to guess, I think the Patriots take a serious look at Hakeem Nicks or Andre Roberts to fill that void.


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One of the Philadelphia Eagles areas on the field that needs address is on the defensive side of the ball, more specifically in the secondary. The Eagles are said to have interest in Tampa Bay Buccaneers Darrelle Revis who would be a significant up grade to Philadelphia’s defensive backfield. Brandon Lee Gowtown of bleedinggreennation.com  noted that ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter “The Eagles are one of two teams to watch on Revis. (The other being the New England Patriots.

Prior to his season with Tampa Bay, Revis played six for the New York Jets and in seven seasons total, he has amassed 21 interceptions, (3 returned for touchdowns) 3 forced fumbles and 10 fumble recoveries. During that same time frame, Revis recorded 284 tackles and 2.0 sacks.

Source For Player Stats: http://www.sports-reference.com/

Sources: http://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2014/3/11/5495134/nfl-free-agency-rumors-eagles-darrelle-revis-trade-cut

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When the Denver Broncos won the AFC Title yesterday it was a big triumph for Peyton Manning. He proved that he can defeat the New England Patriots and win a big game with an outstanding performance. His stats were 32-43 for 400 yards and 2 touchdowns. He did not get sacked or thrown an interception, and outwitted a Bill Belichick defense.  In Super Bowl 48, he has to outsmart the best defense in the NFL the Seattle Seahawks on February 2nd.   Not bad for a guy who had 4 major surgeries on his neck, and there was a chance he would never play in the NFL again.    In the past he lost playoff games in the with the Broncos and the Indianapolis Colts.   Until yesterday if never won another Super Bowl his legacy would be a great quarterback who never won the big one.

Manning can rewrite his legacy by winning Super Bowl 48, and if he does accomplish this feat history will be made.   He can become the first quarterback to win a Super Bowl with two different teams.    However, the Seattle defense will not make this task any easier.

Bill Belichick is calling this “one of the worst plays I have ever seen” and a “deliberate hit on Aqib to take him out of the game”.

I want to start this off by asking this. How was that play not flagged? Deliberate hit to hurt Talib or not he clearly picked Talib and took him out of the play. The Patriots got called for that yesterday, why didn’t Welker and the Broncos?

Now onto Belichicks statement. Look, I love Belichick and I believe he is the best coach in NFL history. But he is wrong here. This was not a deliberate hit to take out Talib. If it was why would you send your 5’8 receiver who is concussion prone? If they wanted to hurt Talib they would of send a big guy like Julius Thomas to do their dirty work, not Wes Welker. Unfortunately for the Patriots, Talib was the one injury they could not overcome on defense and this injury may of cost them the game.

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The AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos could be the last matchup between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.  Both quarterbacks are future Hall of Famers and this game could decide the legacy of either quarterback. Brady has  3 Super Bowl Rings,  2 Super Bowl MVPs, and 2 Regular Season MVP.    Manning has 1 Super Bowl Ring,  1 Super Bowl MVP, and 4 Regular Season MVPs.    However, Manning is having an MVP season, but his career playoff record is 10 and 11.    Tom Brady has done more with less this season losing members of his offense either due to injuries or off the field issues.    The pressure is on Manning to win this game because he is two years removed from having 4 neck surgeries and this could be his last chance at winning the Super Bowl.

Brady has something to prove because it has been nine years since the Patriots won a Super Bowl, and losing two of them to the New York Giants.   Brady is 36 and Manning is 37 so both of them are looking at the last best chance to win a ring.   I am looking forward to this matchup and this game will go down to the wire.


Peyton Manning says Bill Belichick will go down as the “Greatest NFL Coach of All-Time” before his Colts Broncos go up against Bill’s Patriots in the Conference Finals.  You can just really feel the love oozing from Peyton with these comments, but then again, they are dead on accurate.



LeGarrete Blount stole the show on Saturday and ran all over the Colts. He racked up 166 yards on the ground and 4 touchdowns. Yes you read that right, 4 touchdowns. Shades of Al Bundy right?

The Patriots absolutely dominated the Colts on the ground. To go along with Blounts 166 yards, Ridley added 52 yards and two touchdowns of his own. Vereen also ran for 17 yards giving the Patriots a total of 235 yards and 6 touchdowns on the ground.

Tom Brady had the highest passer rating in NFL playoff history for quarterbacks who did not throw a touchdown in the game. He completed 6 third down conversions throwing the ball. Whenever they needed him, he was there. He made big play after big play to keep the drives alive and give Blount and Ridley a chance to keep pounding the ball up the middle. If don’t consider Brady’s performance Saturday clutch then you do not know what clutch is.

The Patriots Defense had a day as well. Alfonso Dennard had two picks, including one on the Colts opening drive that he returned to the one yard line leading to a Blount touchdown. But the biggest story coming out of this game for the Patriots defense was the emergence of Line Backer Jamie Collins. Collins sacked Luck once him off once. He was all over the field and really stepped up when the D needed him most. Hightower added a pick as well giving the Patriots 4 total interceptions on the day.

Overall it was a dominate performance by the Patriots and a abysmal performance by the Colts. The Patriots never trailed throughout the game and the Colts could not stop them on defense, and Luck could not avoid making the big mistake of offense. The Patriots will face the Denver Broncos in Denver on Sunday at 3 pm for the AFC Championship and for a Super Bowl birth. Brady vs. Manning, does it really get any better? Full preview of this historic AFC Championship Matchup coming Thursday.

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After watching four outstanding Divisional playoff games the teams are set for Conference Championship games next Sunday.

AFC: New England VS Denver The Patriots ran for over 200 yards and six touchdowns versus the Indianapolis Colts. Tom Brady didn’t have his usual brilliant game but they won over the Colts 43 to 22. Denver struggled over the San Diego Chargers but won 24 to 17. Peyton Manning got over the hurdle of losing last year’s Divisional game to the Baltimore Ravens. This will be the fifteen time that Tom Brady will take on Peyton Manning, and it will be the four time they will face off in the playoffs. Also, it will be the third time they competed for the AFC Championship and a Super Bowl berth on the line.   The Patriots have the running game and the Broncos defense is suspect against the run. Bill Belichick’s defense has stop Peyton Manning in the past and this one will be no different. Patriots

NFC: San Francisco VS Seattle The 49ers won over the Carolina Panthers 23 to 10. Their passing game came to life against the Panthers defense today, and that has to continue against the Seahawks defense. Anquan Boldin had a big game and Frank Gore had a great game running the ball. The 49ers have to have a balance offense to keep the Seahawks off balance. The Seahawks have to continue to run the ball with Marshawn Lynch who had 140 yards and 2 touchdowns in a 23 to 15 win over the New Orleans Saints. Russell Wilson has to get the passing game going with or without Percy Harvin.   Both defenses are going to ready for this game and points will come at premium.    Seahawks


Every Patriots fan knows that of late the regular season is almost like a preseason to us. We know we are going to win the AFC East, the Patriots have dominated since the Brady and Bellichick era began in New England. So now that the “preseason” is over, it’s time to start the real season and bring home the fourth Super Bowl in 13 years.

The Indianapolis Colts will be rolling in to Foxboro this week, and when I say rolling I mean it. The Colts pulled off a 28 point comeback against the Kansas City Chiefs last weekend, the second largest in NFL playoff history. But was the Colts comeback really all that impressive?

Now I’m not down selling the Colts here, they are an extremely good team who has beaten a bunch of good teams this year (DEN, SF, SEA).  But Kansas City was banged up last week and if were not for that, the Chiefs would of beaten the Colts. Kansas City lost RB Jamal Charles, back up RB Knile Davis, LB Justin Houston, WR Donnie Avery, and starting CB Brandon Flowers. Losing both running backs made it impossible to run out the clock at the end of the game for the Chiefs, and losing key defensive players made it that much harder to stop the Colts. So as impressive as the comeback looked on paper, you should not automatically assume the Colts are the “team of destiny” and no one can stop them now after that comeback win.

Andrew Luck made a lot of good plays last week, but he also made a lot of bad ones. Luck threw 3 picks against the Chiefs last week, and some of them were just flat out terrible. The Patriots defense has a bend don’t break mentality. They give up a lot of yards, but they also force a lot of turnovers. The Patriots have picked off 17 passes this year, and recovered 16 fumbles, leading to a +9 turnover differential. The Patriots have skilled defensive backs, led by veteran corner back Aqib Talib. They also have ball hawking safety Devin McCourty and the rising star of this defense cornerback Logan Ryan. Andrew Luck will rack up some yards this game, but I can guarantee he will throw at least 2 INT. And if you give Tom Brady a short field, he will make you pay for it.

(Logan Ryan returns a interception against the Jets for a touchdown)

The place where the Colts will really hurt the Patriots is on the ground. The Patriots lost MLB Brandon Spikes earlier in the week, who has been the anchor and the leader of this defense all year. Dane Fletcher will now get the start on the inside. Is he a good player? Yes? Is he Brandon Spikes? Absolutely not.

The Colts will take advantage of this desecrated front 7 with running back Donald Brown. Donald Brown is the running back who was overlooked when the Colts traded for running back Trent Richardson. Well Trent has been horrific since joining the Colts, including a fumble on his first career playoff touch against the Chiefs. Donald Brown on the other hand has been a solid running back this season. Brown had some key touches in last week’s win for the Colts, including a touchdown. Brown ran for 537 yards this season on only 102 attempts, a 5.2 yard average. He is an explosive runner who can also but his head down and run over opposing players. Keep an eye out for Donald Brown this week, as he should have a big game.

But the Patriots can also hurt the Colts on the ground. The Colts rush defense ranks 26th in the league. The Patriots rushing attack has been eye opening to say the least this season. For an offense that has been pass first, pass second, rush third for god knows how many years, they have really started to run the ball well this season. And they do this with more than one player. LeGarrette Blount is having his best year since his second season with the Bucs. He has rushed for over 700 yards and 7 touchdowns. He picks up at least 5 yards a carry. And everyone who watches the Patriots knows this guy is a grinder. He does not go down easily, and when he goes down he always falls forward. In my opinion, which is right, besides losing Tom Brady, losing Blount on offense would be the biggest blow to this Patriots offense. Shane Vereen is another versatile weapon in the Patriots back field. He can rush the ball with moderate success, but his pass catching ability is what makes him so dangerous. Look for Blount to pick up at least 100 yards on the ground this week and for Vereen to catch the ball for at least 75 yards.

(LeGarrete Blount celebrates with the Patriots faithful)

The most important person I have not talked about in this preview is Tom Brady. Tom Brady post season record is and impressive 17-7.He has a 42 touchdowns in the postseason, and only 22 picks. But here is the most amazing stat of all, Brady has led 7 game winning drives in the playoffs. The best part about being a Patriots fan is knowing no matter what the other team does throughout the game, if Tom Brady has his hands on the ball with under 2 minutes , whether we are down 3 or all tied up, you expect to win that game. Because we are Patriots fans, we expect greatness, and we expect that because of what Tom Brady has done. Tom Brady delivers greatness night in and night out come playoff time, and I expect this trend to continue against the Colts.

The Patriots will win this game. Will it be hard? Yes. The Colts are a good team and Andrew Luck is a great quarterback, but he will make mistakes. These mistakes will be enough for Tom Brady and company to capitalize on. The Patriots will also have their way with the Colts rush defense, which will keep Luck off the field. Patriots win a close one, 27-21.

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What is going to happen in the NFL Divisional Playoffs starting this Saturday afternoon?

Seattle VS New Orleans: The Saints proved they can run the ball and play well on the road last Saturday night against the Philadelphia Eagles. They were blown out they last time they were at CenturyLink Field. Seattle has a better defense and the Saints can’t stop Marshawn Lynch.  Seattle

New England VS Indianapolis: The Colts had an amazing comeback versus the Kansas City Chiefs, and Andrew Luck proved that he can win in the playoffs. However, the Colts don’t have a running game to take the pressure of Luck. Tom Brady can take advantage of the Colts secondary. LeGarrette Blount gives the Pats a running game they didn’t have for most of the season, but unlike Stevan Ridley there are no fumbling problem with Blount. Patriots defense have held it together despite numerous injuries. Solid Special Teams, and give credit to Bill Belichick for keep the team together despite injuries and other controversies.  Patriots

Carolina VS San Francisco: The Panthers defeated the 49ers earlier in the season at Candlestick. Cam Newton is coming into his own as quarterback and a leader. Wide receiver Steve Smith is supposed to be healthy and needs to make big plays in the passing game. The Panthers defense has been outstanding all season. Colin Kaepernick had a big game running and throwing the ball. He gave the Packers defense fits last week. Frank Gore needs to have 100 yards or more rushing, and Michael Crabtree needs another big game, but it will be tough against Panthers defense.  49ers

Denver VS San Diego:    The Chargers went up to Invesco Field and defeated the Broncos late in the season   Philip Rivers played a solid game versus the Cincinnati Bengals.    Danny Woodhead and Ronnie Brown give the Chargers a 1-2 punch in the running game.  Their defense shut down the Bengals running game and sacked Andy Dalton twice and forced 4 turnovers.     Peyton Manning  had an MVP season, but has been haunted by past playoff failures including losing last year’s Divisional Playoff game vs. the Baltimore Ravens.    The Broncos have a good running game lead by Knowshon Moreno and that takes the pressure off of Manning.    Broncos defense has been weaken by the season ending of linebacker Von Miller.    Broncos


The New England Patriots took down the Buffalo Bills this past Sunday 34-20 in a game that never seemed very close.

There is not much to say about this game. LeGarrette Blount trudged through sloppy condishions and a sloppy Bills front 7 on his way to racking up 189 yards on the ground, a career high. But Blount did not stop there, he also tacked on 145 yards returning the ball for the Patriots. Have you ever seen a 250 pounder returning kicks? No, but it’s just another idea from Bellichick’s brilliant mind. Do I believe in two weeks Blount will have the same type of game? No, of course not. The Patriots mix up their offensive ideas week by week. When you expect the fastball, you get the curveball. When you expect the curveball, you get the slider. It is what makes the Patriots offense so successful, they are unpredictable.

The Patriots could not stop the Bills rushing attack, which was expected. C.J Spiller rushed for 105 yards on 19 carries, a 7 yard per carry average. Fred Jackson added 60 yards on 14 carries. This was expected, it was a sloppy game due to the weather conditions, and of course each team’s offense is going to be rush heavy. But here is a scary stat for you: Thad Lewis threw for 247 yards on 16 completions. During weather conditions that were favorable for the Patriots pass defense, they got torched by the

Bills backup quarterback. This Patriots defense is a major Achilles Heel for the Patriots and could lead to their ultimate demise in the playoffs, which pains me to say. Can this offense keep up with the high powered Broncos offense? Can they stop a Marshawn Lynch or LeSean McCoy if they make it to the Super Bowl? All that remains to be seen.

But we are in the playoffs, and we have a first round bye, so that is a positive. Brady and Bellichick have two weeks to learn some new pitches and see if they can get them by powerhouse hitters like Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Do I believe they can do that? Of course I do, the Patriots have a “just win” type mentality that we have all grown accustom to. The Patriots have 13 consecutive winning seasons. All this team does is win. It’s not always pretty, especially this year, but they get the job done. Brady is having one of his worst statistical years in his career, while Peyton Manning is having the best statistical year ever by a Quarterback. But you put a gun to my head and you ask me who is going to win an AFC Championship matchup between the two, and I will say Tom Brady and the New England Patriots every single time.

The Patriots will face the highest seed remaining in the AFC after the Wild Card round, not this weekend, but the following weekend at Gillette Stadium. I will post be posting predictions for the Wild Card round for the AFC and NFC later this week, so keep an eye out for that.

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It’s that time of year again; the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that my sports wishes, soon will be here.

This year I’ve had to think long and hard about what I want, because last year my wish came true. As 2012 came to a close, my wish was that the Red Sox would climb out of the AL East cellar. At the time, I just hoped for them to battle for playoff contention. My wish came true times 1,000, with Boston taking the 2013 World Series title. From worst to first, it was a season of the ages.

This year, my wishes are of the football variety. My Patriots are playing pretty well, and despite some major season-ending injuries, they are winning. But despite the record, something is missing. Primarily, there’s the absence of two 250-lb+ game-changing tight ends. One of them I can hope to see back next season. The other? Well I think right now he’s just hoping he’ll see the outside world sometime before he dies.

For my 265-lb freak, I wish a healthy 2014; one free of surgeries and full of catches, touchdowns and fiestas. Because we all know Rob Gronkowski es un fiesta. I hope his back, knee, forearm and whatever else ails him are good to go next year, and we are graced with a season full of Gronk.

My second request is for tall guys who catch good, and Gronk would say. For Tom Brady’s sake, I wish for a decent received corps. I don’t mean a mish-mash of average talent who are elevated by the play of a great play-calling qb; I mean 2007-esque talent, when The Freak was out there breaking all-time records with Tom Terrific. He deserves to end his career with some great receivers, instead of the mish-mash of talent he’s dealt with since Moss left. I mean a true receiver, not some little slot guy like Welker. Though great at what he did, I want to see someone who can make spectacular grabs like Calvin Johnson or Brandon Marshall.

Speaking of ending his career, I wish for a Fountain of Youth. At 36, I know that the end is drawing near for the Patriots with Tom Brady at the helm. I can’t imagine he has more than a couple seasons left in his arm, and I’m already freaking out. But my biggest fear? That Bill Belichick will decide to leave at the same time as his muse. Then I really don’t know what I’ll do. If Tom leaves but New England still has Bill, I feel like we can make it; without him, the dreaded “rebuilding” will begin. We’ve been a bit spoiled in the last 12 years, and I don’t think I can take a season of renovation. Every year since 2001, my football team has been a playoff and Super Bowl contender. I can’t remember a time when I “couldn’t watch” the Patriots, or that each game didn’t mean something. So I need Tom to drink some H2O from Ponce de Leon’s legendary spring and continue to be an active Patriot for life. Since I know this isn’t logical, I hope that Belichick doesn’t retire at the same time as the best quarterback ever (I’m not biased at all).

A guy who can run 100 yards a game… without dropping the ball. I am so tired of the Patriots’ non-existent running game. They have spurts here and there over the years, but they haven’t had a consistent runner since Corey Dillon. I trust Belichick, but his incapability to draft a decent running back is killing me. I know he thinks other positions are more important, which is obvious since the Pats never draft a game-changing WR or RB, but for once I’d love to have a guy on the field who I knew could just run up the gut and score some TDs. As Tom gets up there in years, having a reliable runner to take some of the pressure off would be a God send.

A new hip for Aqib Talib. One of my favorite Patriots, I fear Talib is going to play the rest of his career on one leg. A legitimate option for Defensive Player of the Year before he got hurt Oct. 13, Talib was completely shutting it down in the backfield – in consecutive weeks, he held Julio Jones, A.J. Green and Jimmy Graham to a COMBINED six catches and 62 yards. Through the first six games of the season, with a healthy Talib, the Patriots defense allowed just 16 points per game. Having a guy who can shut down the opposing team’s best player can’t be understated. Then Talib hurt his hip flexor, missed three games, and hasn’t been the same since he returned. That said, Talib on one leg is still better than ¾ of the other corners in the league. But imagine if he was 100%? That is my wish.

So, Eight Pound, Six Ounce, Newborn Baby Jesus, in your golden fleece diapers, with your curled-up, fat, balled-up little fists pawing at the air … don’t even know a word yet, just a little infant and so cuddly, but still omnipotent… please hear my prayers for Tom, Bill, Gronk, Aqib and the rest.

And finally, my wish for all of you is that you have a very Merry Christmas, a belated Happy Chanukah, and a very happy and healthy new year. Here’s hoping for some great Bowl games, some kick-ass NFL playoff matchups, and, hopefully, Tom hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy at the end. Amen.

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Anyone who doesn’t understand this is a joke at this point has 0 brain

If someone asked me if Tom Brady only threw for 172 yards and 1 touchdown against the surging Baltimore Ravens would the Patriots win the game? I would tell them there is no chance in France the Patriots win that game. Well butter my biscuit and call me Sally because the Patriots did just that.

Legarrette Blount rushed for 76 yards and two touchdowns on 16 carries. Blount also spit in Baltimore’s eye with mocking Ray Lewis’s dance.

Steven Ridley tacked 54 yards on 15 carries.

Edelman had 7 receptions for 77 yards and is starting to look more and more like Wes Welker as the weeks go on. Danny Amendola added 2 receptions for 45 yards. Aaron Dobson had 1 reception for 21 yards. Although that may not look good on paper, he stretched the Baltimore defense and made them focus on a guy running down the field. Even though he is not catching all his deep targets, the defense has to respect him.

The Patriots defense played exceptionally well for the first time in weeks. They forced 3 INT’s, two from Flacco, who struggled mightily with his bad knee and did not seem to be comfortable in the pocket the whole game.

The Patriots held Ray Rice to 40 yards, including stopping Rice on a crucial 4th and 1 play when the Ravens were threatening to score in the 3rd quarter. Bernard Pierce ran for 31 yards on 10 carries.

Shane Vereen injured his groin during this game, which is defiantly something to keep your eye on in the upcoming week. Losing Vereen would be a major blow to this already banged up Patriot offense.

Now I am not going to get ahead of myself here. Although the Patriots looked extremely impressive, especially on the defensive side of the ball, I think I need to take a step back and look at this game. Joe Flacco had a mild MCL sprain, and had to wear a knee brace which affected his mobility in the pocket and could have taken some heat off his throws. It also ensured Flacco would not leave the pocket and try to make a play with his legs. Also, the Ravens run game has been nonexistent all year so the Patriots could really just focus on the pass this whole game. Now add those two together and you can see how I can still be a little hesitant on saying the Patriots Defense is back. Luckily we still have one more week to see if the Patriots can keep up this defensive effort against two very good running backs in Fred Jackson and C.J Spiller.

That being said this is obviously a major improvement from what we saw last week against Miami. I would consider this a statement win to the rest of the NFL. And that statement is no matter how many injuries New England endures, we will not go down quietly.

The Patriots face off against the Buffalo Bills next week who just shut out Miami 19-0 earlier today, which is only the second time this season a defense has shut out a team. This is not an easy game by any means.

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The Patriots (10-4) head into Baltimore to face the Ravens (8-6) in what may be the biggest game of the Patriots season. If the Patriots win this Sunday, they lock up the AFC East, stay in connention for the number 1 seed in the AFC, and will most likely knock the Ravens out of the playoffs.

The Ravens started off the season 3-5, and have gone 5-1 since. Although Ray Lewis retired and Ed Reed and the Ravens went their separate ways, they still have one of the best defenses in the league. They have the 7th best rush defense in the league and the 13th best pass defense. But the Ravens have struggled moving the ball on offense this year. The Ravens have the 29th ranked rushing attack in the league. After a great season last year (1,412 rush yards), Ray Rice has had a miserable 2013 campaign, rushing for only 605 yards on 197 rushing attempts. Ray Rice has only rushed for over 75 yards twice this season. He also has not been the receiving threat he has been in past seasons, catching only 49 balls for 263 yards, which is only a 5.4 yard average. The Ravens passing attack has not been much better, as it ranks 20th in the NFL. That being said, the Patriots pass defense made Ryan Tannehill look like Joe Montana last week.

Joe Flacco has been successful against the Patriots in the past, winning 3 out of six contests (which is good considering how dominant the Patriots have been during Flacco’s career). Flacco has thrown 12 touchdowns and 4 interceptions in those 6 games. Expect Flacco to have a good game against the Patriots secondary.

The Patriots defense needs to step up this week. Although the Ravens Offense has been struggling, they still have two talented wide receivers in Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones, who can hurt you at any given moment with a big play. Talib, who is finally starting to get healthy, and Dennard need to make sure these guys do not get behind them. If they do, Flacco will hit them down the field and it will be a very long day for this Patriots defense. Although Ray Rice has been struggling, he is still a very talented running back and could have a breakout game at any given time. The Patriots need to make sure they stop Rice early and often so he cannot get in any sort of rhythm running the ball.

A key injury to keep an eye on is Linebacker Brandon Spikes. Spikes is an anchor on the inside for this Patriots defense, and if he is a no go, I believe Ray Rice could break out of his funk and have a solid game for the Ravens.

The Patriots are expecting to have Aaron Dobson and Kenbrell Thompkins back this week, which in my opinion is absolutely huge for this offense. Dobson and Thompkins can stretch the field for the Patriots, which will open up the underneath game for guys like Edelman and Amendola. But it will also open up the game for Shane Vereen. Vereen struggled last week against the Dolphins, as he only caught the ball 3 times of 8 yards and only rushed the ball 2 times for 17 yards. The reason Vereen struggled is the Dolphins defense really did not have to focus on a vertical threat for the Patriots which moved their defensive backs up which meant they could close in on Vereen quickly every time he caught the ball. But with Dobson and Thompkins back the Ravens will be forced to keep guys back which should open up the game for Vereen. Expect a big game from Vereen this Sunday. If you have Vereen in fantasy, start him, you heard it here first.

The Ravens are a good team, but they struggle on offense. Last week they did not score a single touchdown but somehow still came away with a win (thanks to Justin Tucker). The Patriots should be able to put up points even though the Ravens have one of the better defenses in the league. The Patriots defense will give up a lot of yards, but I think they will stop Flacco and company when it matters most, inside the red zone. As long as the Patriots are forcing the Ravens to kick field goals instead of scoring touchdowns, like the Lions did last week, the Patriots will win this game. Even though the Ravens have the 13th ranked pass defense in the league I believe Tom Brady will find a way like he always does and torch their secondary. Patriots win 24-23 and bounce the Ravens from playoff contention.

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The Patriots (10-4) dropped a tough one in Miami today to the Dolphins (8-6) 24-20.

Although the Patriots lost this game, there are a lot of positive to take away from this game. For starters the offense looked in sync, and that was without Dobson and Thompkins. Add the rookie WR combo into the mix and I believe the Patriots would of won today.

The absence of Gronk was felt today, as the Patriots had to settle for two field goals inside the red zone today. Their is no doubt that Gronk was the Patriots most deadly red zone target and he will be impossible to replace. But Thompkins and Dobson can be red zones weapons as well, and I think if they played today, the Patriots would of scored more touchdowns in the red zone and would not of had to settle for as many field goals. At the very least Brady would of had someone to toss one up to that wasn’t a slot receiver at the end of the game and would not of been forced to throw one up to Austin Collie in double coverage on their final play of the game.

That being said, the fact the offense looked the way it did today is very promising. Edelman finished the game with 13 receptions for 139 yards at 1 touchdown. Amendola finished the game with 10 receptions for 131 yards and almost came down with what would of been the game winning touchdown. Michael Hoomanawanui, Gronks replacement, came down with one of the more impressive catches you will see this Sunday.

The defense was able to stop the run and only allowed 89 total rushing yards to the Dolphins. That being said, they let Tannehill throw for 312 yards and 3 touchdowns. At this point, I feel its almost like the Patriots defensive strategy is to pick their poison. They can either stop the run or the pass, but not both, which is troubling to say the least.

Mike Wallace had a big game receiving for the Dolphins and finished with 6 catches for 105 yards and a touchdown. Brian Hartline finished with 5 catches for 70 yards.

The Dolphins shut down Vereen today, only allowing him 3 receptions for 8 yards and 2 rushes for 17 yards. I would like to see the Patriots run Blount a lot more in the final two weeks of the season. He has been great this year, and today he ran 11 times for 47 yards, a 4 yard average. He is an absolute beast and every time he gets the ball he gains positive yards.

Ridley carried the ball 8 times for 34 yards. Look for him to see an increased number of touches as the weeks go on and Bellichick starts to regain some trust with the fumble prone running back.

If it was not for an errant kick by Gostkowski to set the Dolphins up on the 40 yard line on what would be their game winning touchdown drive, the Patriots could of very well of won this game. But Gostkowski has come up time and time again this season and is arguably the best kicker this year. He has hit 30-32 field goals this year (93.8%). So today, I will give him a pass.

Overall the offense seemed to still click today without Gronk, Dobson, and Thompkins, which is a good sign. Brady essentially had 3 slot receivers to throw today and no real deep threat besides Josh Boyce, who did not see too many snaps towards the end of the game. If Edelman and Amendola can have games like they did today when they were really the only two wide receivers the Dolphins had to focus on, just imagine what they will be doing once the defense has to worry about the big play against this Patriots offense. The two rookie wideouts should hopefully be back next week when the Patriots take on the Baltimore Ravens. Tough loss for the Patriots, but there are some positives to take out of this game. I still believe this team is a Super Bowl contender and I expect them to prove that next week vs. the Ravens.

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The Patriots (10-3) travel down to Miami to face the Dolphins (7-6).

This is the Patriots first game the Patriots have played since Gronk tore his ACL. So this game should provide some clarity on how this offense will be with Gronk. I still think this offense will get it done. I expect Bellichick to give Ridley another chance to lead this rushing attack, and I expect Vereen to become a major asset in this Patriots passing offense.

Dobson and Thompkins are going to have to become major outside threats and vertical options for Brady. This will open up the game for Edelman and Amendola in the slot. All of these guys are going to need to step up to help fill the shoes that Gronk has left the Patriots again late in the year. Also it will be interesting to see if Bellichick and Brady work Josh Boyce into the offense, who has the speed to be a deep threat. He reminds me a little of Brandon Tate.

On the defensive side of the ball, we really need these guys to step up. If we let a guy like Josh Campbell tear our secondary up, Ryan Tannehill, Mike Wallace, and Brian Hartline are going to have a field day. Guys like Talib, Dennard, and McCourty need to step up and start forcing turnovers. But the only way that is going to happen is if the front seven can put pressure on Tannahill and force him into mistakes.

Ryan Tannehill can not only throw the ball, he can also run around in the pocket and scramble for extra yards. Cam Newton did this and ran for 62 yards against the Patriots, and he bailed the Panthers out of third down situations with his legs. The Patriots have to keep Tannehill in the pocket and force him to throw the ball. If Tannehill can use his legs as a weapon, expect a long day for this Patriots Defense.

The one thing that may work in the Patriots favor this week is that the Dolphins struggle running the football. Lamar Miller has only rushed for 567 yards this season. To put that into perspective Ridley has rushed 611 yards and he has sat out a game, and has barely played in two due to his reoccurring fumbling problem. Miller has only rushed for over 75 yards once this season, and the Patriots need to keep it that way.

I expect Tannehill to rack up the passing yards on the Patriots secondary. Look for big games from the Dolphins Tight end Charles Clay, as the Patriots showed last week how much they struggle covering opposing Tight ends. Also look for a big game from Mike Wallace, as Talib is still hobbled from a hip injury. Expect a few big plays from Wallace.

Another injury to monitor is the concussion Nate Solder is dealing with. Solder is the Patriots best offensive linemen and if he can’t go, expect Tom Brady to be under some serious pressure from the Dolphins Defense.


The Dolphins are playing for their playoff lives this week, so expect them to play with that kind of intensity. The game is in Miami which works in the Dolphins favor. Tom Brady and this Patriots offense is going to have to have a big game against this Dolphins Defense just a week after losing Gronkowski, because Tannehill will have a big game against this secondary. But my gut tells me to stick with the Patriots and believe that the Patriots Offense will find a way without Gronkowski. My Final Prediction, 31-28 Patriots.

If you are a gambling man take Miami (Patriots will not cover 3.5 spread) and take the over.

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