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Desean Jackson was outstanding receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles and had a Pro Bowl season in 2013. It was a shock that the Eagles released him, and early this morning he signed a 3 year $24 million dollar deal with the Washington Redskins. The reason he was released from the Eagles that he had alleged gang ties. Those ties including two homicides that happened since 2010. The Eagles believed that Jackson’s association with alleged gang members had effective him negatively such as missing meetings, inconsistent work ethic, bad attitude, and not working well with Head Coach Chip Kelly. In a statement after his release from the Eagles, Jackson has denied any association with any gang. With Aaron Hernandez on trial for murder NFL teams are more carefully with their dealings of players especially those with character issues.    Jackson would not be dumb enough to ruin his career and future earnings with a gang association.     All athletes have to be careful with whom they associate with especially those who want ruin their future or cause them problems.   Sometimes they have to cut ties with their former friends in order to avoid trouble, and in former Eagles teammate Michael Vick’s case it almost ruined his career.   Jackson doesn’t want anything like that to occur in the near future.


Richard Sherman is back at it again on Twitter, this time with Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall. Actually this time around it was the other party instigating the flame war. Hall took a jab at Sherman saying he would like to see him go up against the likes of Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, and A.J. Green. Then Hall made a statement implying Sherman is/would be tired at covering the following players. Sherman retaliates and shoves it right back into Hall’s face and said to him “been tough on u huh lol” The flame war would get a little more heated before former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver had to play peace maker.

Update: Here is another exchange between Sherman and Hall\

     There is said to have been more tweets exchange. As for as Sherman goes, do not expect this to be the last Twitter war he engages in!



Ever since NFL prospect Michael Sam publicly came out as a homosexual, news media gathered all around praising him for his bravery in being able to be comfortable with himself. While I too am glad he feels confident enough (and for the record I am a supporter of Gays and Gay Rights) I do not get why we have to make such a big deal out of it. Nor should it be. (Check out my article I wrote on Michael Sam after he came out right here http://kcsportsninja.com/michael-sams-sexuality-should-really-not-be-that-big-of-a-deal/

Former NFL Star Deion Sanders made a statement in regard to Michael Sam and homosexuality in the NFL

“He’s not the first gay guy in the NFL! He’s the first one to come out, let’s get that straight. Every team I’ve played on, there was someone…we always knew. But he was cool. That was our boy. We had to look out for him. Every team I’ve played on – five different teams – there was someone gay in the locker room.”

For Deion Sanders to say that obviously means there were and are no distractions going on in the locker room regardless of sexual preference. In other words, it is not, nor should it be that big of a deal! Everyone should be comfortable enough to accept themselves for who they are, whether it is race, sexuality, or their upbringing. Be happy and proud of yourself for who you are, but at the same time you do not need to make a big deal out of it, and neither should the public or news media. It is 2014, and as Doris Roberts character Marie from “Everybody Loves Raymond” once stated in an episode “Hello I’m queer and now I’m here”. Deal with it people, whether you like it or not, we are all different, but at the same time we do not need to flaunt our personal lives to the world in hopes to be accepted. All that matters is if you are a good person, then you will be accepted by most sane and rational people in this world!


To read the rest of the article on Deion Sanders issuing a statement of homosexuality always being in NFL Locker Rooms, check it out here to get a better understanding and perspective on the whole issue, go here http://www.towleroad.com/2014/02/sanders.html


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Washington wants Peyton Manning, but Manning says thanks but no thanks.  According to sources out of Washington, Peyton thinks it’s way too cold (doesn’t sound good for KC) & he doesn’t want to play lil brother twice a year.

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