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Chan Gailey sticks it to the Chiefs


The sea of red shirts that usually accompanies a Monday work day after a Kansas City Chiefs game was shut down after yesterday’s performance.  This has to be personally

A Very Bad Start

satisfying to one inparticular person.  Chan Gailey.  He has got to be smiling ear to ear.  After getting the boot in Kansas City by Chiefs Head Coach Todd Haley, Gailey returned to Kansas City with the Buffalo Bills and routed the Chiefs 41-7.  Chan Gailey would never admit it, but he is gloating inside. 

Matt Cassel is going to get a good chunk of the blame for Sundays loss.  I’m not hear to do any different.  Bob Fescoe may still be following Cassel blindly, but a lot more Chiefs fans had their eyes opened to what Matt Cassel really is, a formidable back up quarter back.  Cassel went 22-36 for 119 yards passing.  The Chiefs offense averaged a whopping 3.8 yards a pass play.  This isn’t just a blip on Cassel’s radar either.  This is three terrible starts in a row now for Cassel (Oakland, Baltimore and Buffalo) all three home games.

It wasn’t all Matt Cassel though.  No aspect of the game looked good for Kansas City.  From the opening fumble by Dexter McCluster to the last in the flat pass by Matt Cassel.  Bowe is dropping passes again and the Bills gained huge chunks of yards, seemingly at will.  Bob Fescoe reported things were going so bad that Todd Haley took play calling duties away from Bill Muir at half time.  This lasted about as long as predicted.  Camera’s panned to a bored looking Muir several times during the game, he even looked to be asleep at one point.  Chiefs have been outscored 102-24 in their last three games, again, all three were at home. 

The silver lining in all this?  It’s hard to see one when your team showed no signs of hope, nothing to cling on to.  Last season though, the Chiefs were blown out by the Broncos 29-49 and went on to win 3 straight games.  They were skunked by the Chargers 31-0 and reeled off 2 straight victories.  Another silver lining…The Chiefs continue to play this bad and they are a lock for Andrew Luck.

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