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As the world hears the official word that Peyton Manning has been cut by the Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chief’s fans are practically begging the organization to work out a deal to get the future Hall of Famer to come town.  Not only, would it spark excitement and increase ticket sales and merchandising, but it would also make Kansas City the frontrunner in the AFC West.   The analysts can say what they want about the frontrunners being the Jets, Miami, Cleveland, and Seattle, but with the offensive talent the Chiefs have acquired over the past two seasons and the salary cap space it would be the most fitting place for Manning.  Will the Chiefs pull the trigger on this one?  It is the subject of Kansas City talk radio and even Romeo Crennel mentioned it despite violating NFL tampering rules.  Kansas City even went as far as hiring former Tennesse Vol’s QB and Indianapolis Colts assistant, Jim Bob Cooter (we’ll save the jokes for later) as an offensive assistant, despite his ongoing legal problems.  Cooter has followed Manning around his entire career. (Once again, we will save the jokes for later).  Let me be the first to say it……Welcome to Kansas City Peyton Manning……and thank you Cooter!

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