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DeJa Vu


I think we have seen this before. The 1998 NFL draft, and the #1 pick goes to Peyton Manning. It seems like a no brainer now,but at the time the debate was do you take Manning from Tenn.,or Ryan Leaf out of Wash.St. We know what happened. So is it as easy as saying “Andrew Luck is the one that will pan out”, or will it be Robert Griffin lll. Let’s not forget other first round picks in the 1998 draft. That draft saw the likes of Randy Moss slip to the 21st. overall pick due to non football problems. Charles Woodson to the Raiders at #4, or Fred Taylor to the Jags. I’m sure the Chargers would take any of those players all taken ahead of the two can’t miss QB’s. The colts picked the correct player in “98, can they do it again and Get Lucky (sorry bout the pun) with Andrew Luck, or will it be RG3 as the best QB taken this year. Some think that the player taken first overall in 1998 is the best bet. Peyton Manning is still making news 14 years later as the quarterback almost everyone is interested in.