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Friend or Foe?


John “bones”Jones and Rashad Evans have a long history together. Close friends training for the same team, but that was then this is now. Evans and Jones are going to fight for the Light- heavyweight championship belt at UFC 145. Jones is the current champion and, has been very impressive in every fight he has had. Rashad is also been on a tear since loosing to Lyoto Machida, having won his last four fights. Jones is a different animal all together. A true MMA fighter. You do not want to stand up and trade blows with him and fighters have a hard time getting close to him because of how long his legs and arms are. Evans thinks he can get the job done and become the champion again. John Jones has said he want to go down as one of the best ever. This fight will settle things in the Light-Heavyweight division, but I’m not sure this fight will do anything to repair this friendship.