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Golden Glove Gordon

During the 2010 baseball season, the talk around Kauffman Stadium was Alex Gordon and what the Kansas City Royals were going to do with him. A .215 batting average, a lack of power, and numerous strikeouts with runners in scoring position forced the team to send Gordon back to AAA Omaha and many doubted his return. Fans knew that Mike Moustakas would soon make the move to the majors, which would leave Gordon without a position. Little did we know that Gordon’s demotion would be a defining moment in his career as he was awarded the 2011 Golden Glove Award as the best defensive player in the American League. What’s most impressive about Gordon receiving the Golden Glove is that he didn’t make the transition from third base to the outfield until halfway through the 2010 season, following hip surgery. Gordon’s glove wasn’t the only thing that was impressive this year as he finished the season batting .303 with 23 homeruns and 45 doubles. Those numbers earned him the Royals Player of the Year, which was announced one day after the Golden Glove was awarded to him.  Gordon’s turnaround couldn’t have come at a better time as the Kansas City youth movement has started.  With Gordon’s numbers, the improving bat of Mike Moustakas, another solid year from Eric Hosmer and Jeff Francoeur, the vacuum-like glove of shortstop Alcides Escobar, and a few future additions to the starting rotation, the Royals could position themselves for a playoff run in 2012.

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