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Come on Jayhawks!


Here is a bit of advice to the Kansas Jayhawks…..Grow the hell up! The billboards you have purchased in Missouri that say “We are KANSAS City” and your front office tweets are truly showing what type of institution you are.

“Missouri forfeits a century-old rivalry. We win.” – Official KU Twitter Account

The bottomline is that college athletics go where the money is. Money in college athletics is found within every school football program and the best football in the nation just happens to be played within the Southeastern Conference. Hey KU, it all adds up, there actually is a legitimate reason MU left the Big 12.  Missouri’s football program is better than the Kansas program and the overall record (58-56-9 in favor of Mizzou) really doesn’t show how much better of a program Mizzou has been in the Pinkel era. Go ahead and talk about the bogus Orange Bowl victory you had after Mizzou manhandled you a few weeks prior and then played in the Big 12 Championship. You know that Orange Bowl bid was probably part of that illegal weight equipment package that Lew Perkins was involved in before he so eloquently resigned his position.

You might say, “What about the the basketball program?” Ok, so what about it? Basketball comes up well behind football in importance to a university….except at KU, where it becomes the talk of the town after week two of the football season. KU fans talk about how much better the Big 12 is in basketball; however, they can continue to talk about how good they are in a weaker conference. The proof is in the stats as the SEC has won 10 championships compared to the three championships the Big 12 can claim. The so-called strong conference doesn’t do KU any favors as it seems that KU cannot match up against mid-major teams. This is getting too easy.

“But….But….Mizzou left and told the Kansas City economy to stick it!” Not so fast, KU fan! MU made it clear that they would like to continue the rivalry between the two programs and would likely continue the football game at Arrowhead, but KU removed MU from their websites schedule. “But…But….the Big 12 Championship game and Big 12 basketball tournament will no longer be in Kansas City and that is all Mizzou’s fault.” Wrong again!  Because of Kansas City’s rich basketball history the tournament will remain in Kansas City according to the Big 12 Conference committee. Well…that backfired didn’t it Kansas? So now, who’s hurting the Kansas City economy?  Hmmm, that would be your very own Jayhawks. They could easily make a huge deal of a KU/MU rivalry game and bring more money to the Kansas City.

So as a Mizzou fan I say to Bill Self, continue to wear your gold MC Hammer pants and tell the media “You Can’t Touch This” when it comes to MU playing Kansas again. Your making yourself look like the little brother who didn’t get his way. To the KU front office, that continues to give the green light to the ridiculous tweets and billboards, if you listen to Kansas City radio you would find out that your own fans think it’s childish. Finally, to the cardigan-wearing fat asses that claim to be KU fans, maybe you’ll get your way for the next few years until the unstable Big 12, wait….it’s 10 now, goes through this same mess again. Then you will be lucky to find anyone to play with you. Rock Chalk!…….whatever the hell that means.

A sports enthusiast with a degree in speaking my mind.