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Kansas Speedway Gets a Facelift


Racing At Kansas Speedway    No sooner had Denny Hamlin took the checkerd flag, the work on the Kansas Speedway begun. The track surface is starting to get seasoned, and the racing is better  with the wide grooves that a track now has with years of racing on it. The track might be gettting some ware on it, but it also has some of the same problems our roads and sidestreets have, pot holes are forming on the track. That is a problem for our cars we drive at 40 to 70 mph., But you put a car that goes 190 mph. and 170 mph in the corners that is a major problem. If a tire blows out going that fast into a corner from hitting a hole in the track you have no control and thats when bad things can happen.

The racetrack should be finished sometime in September, just  in time for the teams to get some practice before the October Race. The fall race is part of the race for the Sprint Cup championship. If there is a question mark going in to the final races for the championship points it would have to be the new surface and progressive banking that will be put in this summer. The Kansas Speedway will also be putting in a road course soon, hoping to bring in other series to the facility. Indy has stopped racing on the high speed big banks of 1 1/2 mile tracks after the horrible crash that took the life of Dan Wheldon at Las Vegas speedway. A track that is compared to Kansas Speedway. If the track hopes to get Indy Racing back to the track it had to put in a infield road course. Lets hope the track has some good racing out of the block, and not have to wait for a few years of racing on the surface