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KU Spring Football


The KU Spring Football dates are set. The first three practices are going to be easy, but with the new talent coming in fans can’t wait to see the how the team is going to look, especially after the 2-8 season last year. After getting rid of Turner Gill and bringing in Charlie Weis the fans everyone is thinking that the Jayhawks are about to turn things around. I for one can’t wait until the season starts and see The KU Football team start winning. I know that they have the potential to be great, but potential is only good if you know how to use it. Charlie Weis released a lot of players due to poor grades, but he brought in some nice young guns from Community Colleges and High Schools. Even tough the Jayhawks were struggling, it seems that they are shifting into gear and ready to prove to everyone that they have what it takes to win, not just the basketball team. Not only are we receiving a new head coach, but new coaches across the board. The Jayhawk Football team has something to proveĀ and with things starting back up in a couple of weeks, its going to be an exciting time around here. Now fans won’t be racing to go see the basketball team, they will be racing to go see the football team. Soon people won’t be saying “Kansas Football Sucks,” they will be doing the wave and chanting “Rock Chalk” all over the place.