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L.A. Lakers To Form a New “Big Three” By Signing LeBron & Carmelo To Play Alongside Kobe?


Los Angeles is a big market city for all of professional sports. A lot of Hollywood stars and celebrities make their presence’s noticed, especially at Lakers games. The spotlight is greater, superstar treatment, not too mention the money that comes along with it! Speaking of the Lakers and money, they have reportedly offered Carmelo Anthony a max contract of 4 years worth $97 million. Some reports suggest Anthony will re-sign with the Knicks. New York has reportedly offered him a max contract (5 years $129 million), but playing alongside Kobe Bryant while trying to capture an NBA title might be something Anthony may think is worth considering.

If there is one possible thing that could put this over the top and sell Anthony the idea of coming to Los Angeles to play with Kobe, would be the opportunity to play alongside LeBron James too! LeBron’s agent Rich Paul, has already talked with a couple of teams and discussed the possibility in finding a way to make a deal work so his client can play alongside Anthony. Like Carmelo though, most think LeBron will return to the same team. But if LeBron cannot get the max contract he is asking for from the Miami Heat, then it is likely possible James could explore his other options and leave South Beach.

If Carmelo decides to take his services to Los Angeles, will Rich Paul get on the phone immediately with the Lakers to try and workout a deal so LeBron can in fact play alongside with Anthony, (which again, he has discussed with several teams about the idea of that possibility)? If he can, not only would Paul get his client to team up with Anthony like he has originally discussed with several teams, but he would give him an extra incentive by having him play alongside Kobe Bryant as well!

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