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Madden Curse, Chief’s Blessing



The 6’2. 250lb Peyton Hillis has signed a deal (1 year, 3 million) with the Kansas City Chiefs.  A deal that, in theory, makes the Chief’s backfield one of the most dangerous duo’s in the NFL.  Peyton Hillis is coming off a year in which he openly admits to falling victim to the Madden Curse, making  2011  a year he’d rather not relive. One year after having rushed over 1,000 yards, the Browns Bruiser fell apart physically and psychologically. Hillis suffered a hamstring injury that began a cascade of negative events. His days in Cleveland were numbered after being interrogated by teammates about his focus which included a dramatic ordeal over a sore throat, a missed game, and advice from an agent.


Meanwhile, this is a huge pick-up for the Chiefs.  Many Pioli critics think it’s not a permanent fix because of the short-term one year deal.  I would venture to say that the one year deal creates insurance for the Chiefs.  It also gives Hillis incentive to put up bigger numbers.  The pick-up automatically  takes pressure off of Matt Cassel and also plays to his alleged strength as a,  “Game Manager.”  Cassel can stick to what he does best, handing off the ball and throwing screen passes to Dwayne Bowe.  Also, Jamaal Charles becomes a more dangerous back due to this signing.  Charles will be running past defenses that have been punished all afternoon by Hillis. The two-back  philosophy will keep Charles at a sensible amount of carries per game.

To sum it up, Hillis blasts defenses. If you don’t believe me, I think Bernard Pollard, (one of the hardest hitting safeties in the NFL) can testify