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Mizzou Move is Imminent

According to reports by the New York Times, a move by the Missouri Tigers to apply to the Southeastern Conference is “inevitable and imminent.”  Reports say that sources out of Columbia have stated that Mizzou will have enough votes from SEC Presidents to be accepted into the conference and could join as early as next year.  Missouri curators plan to meet October 20-21 to further discuss the move. Meanwhile, 610 Sports Talk Radio morning show host Bob Fescoe continued to bash Mizzou for leaving Kansas City out to dry and basically telling listeners this move is not well thought out and Mizzou fans are ignorant for thinking so.  A move out of the Big 12 conference would likely mean the Big 12 tournament would no longer come to Kansas City. In typical Fescoe fashion, Fescoe changed his mind after discussing the move with Gabe DeArmond of powermizzou.com and finished the show by telling listeners that a move would be good for Mizzou but would not be good for Kansas City.   

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