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Monday Morning Hangover



So I’m a day late…..wanted to get the BCS Championship Game in the mix…


Dear Upset LSU Fans,


You can say you had one more win than Bama. Doesn’t matter. You can say you won the first game…doesn’t matter. If you take the scores of the two games and put them together the final score was 27-9. Bama wins…now shut up…next year could be your year.


Love Doug,

The guy that thought LSU was going to win but glad that Bama did.



Dear Bama,

Congrats on your shutout last night. While you were setting bowl history with the first ever shut out. I shutout a 20pk of Miller Lite. We were both on fire last night. Your defense was stiffer than Jerry Sandusky watching Nickelodeon. I said at the beginning of the year you would win the championship and I must admit I had my doubts there for a moment. By the way the BCS trophy looks like something my grandmother would have kept in her curio cabinet.


Love Doug,

The guy that has never been molested by Nick Saban in a shower but would let him for some cash and booze.



Dear BCS,


If you are not going to give us playoffs, can we at least request that Bret Musberger never announce another college football game? He is annoying at best. I don’t even think he is still alive…I think the networks have some kick ass CGI. It’s like listening to Dick Clark announce a football game. Many times last night I put the game on mute.


Love Doug,

The guy that would rather listen to Steven Hawking announces a football game.



Dear MU Fans,

Told you so.


Love Doug,

The guy that watched K-State expose you for the fraud you are.



Dear Rick Pitino,


What the hell is going on over there at Louisville? Your team is coming apart faster than the GOP Race. Notre Dame? I figured you guys for a Final Four team this year. Guess not.


Love Doug,

The guy scratching his head




Dear Tim Tebow,


F*!k You…That is all.


Love Doug,

You had one good game but you are still a fraud



Dear Patriots,


I have always loved you from afar. This week I pledge my allegiance to you and all thing holy in the Boston area. Please put an end to the Broncos and Tebow. I can’t stand another week of Tebow mania on ESPN. I would rather watch a Steel Magnolia’s marathon than watch anymore coverage on that hack quarterback.


Love Doug,

The guy that will be eating lobster and New England Clam Chowder Saturday Night.



Dear Romeo Crennel,

You are on a tight leash with me. Better make it good fat man, I’m impatient. Any signs of Cleveland like leadership I’m gonna be on you like you on a Ryans Buffet on seafood night. Go tell your boss, the Tony Soprano look-alike, to draft lineman and spend some money in free agency.


Love Doug,

The guy that is watching you.