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Monday Morning Hangover


Dear NFL,


Quit playing the Pro-Bowl. I watched 5 mins of that shit and elected to watch an edited John Q on normal TV. What a bunch of crap. Those guys were not even trying, its an embarrassment to your sport. As pathetic and boring as baseball is, at least those guys try. While NASCAR is not a sport but at least they try in the all-star event.


Love, Doug

The guy that would rather watch Martha Stewart than that poor excuse of a football game.




Dear Kentucky Wildcats,


You boys are looking bulletproof. You better win that championship this year.


Love, Doug

Avid Big Blue supporter




Dear Creighton Bluejays,


I think your program is going to be the sleep this year and could go deep in the tournament. You boys are balling..keep it up.


Love, Doug

Avid supporter of obscure schools.



Dear KU,


Sorry to hear about you getting destroyed by a Cyclone. This weird winter weather is destroying towns and basketball programs throughout the Midwest. Hey if Joplin can bounce back from an F-5 surely you can bounce back from the unranked tornado that destroyed you on Saturday.


Love, Doug

Avid Storm Spotter