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Penn State Student Asks PSU Offensive Line Coach Herb Hand For Daughters Number


You know the routine of when a young man has an interest in a girl, he has to deal with the father of the said girl he shows an interest in!  Same stayed true to form after Penn State Football’s Offensive Line Coach posted a picture of his daughter on Twitter and one gutsy Penn State student and fan asked for his daughters number! Here’s the exchange between the two on Twitter!




     All ended well though and the student was a good sport in all of it and Herb Hand also got a nice little chuckle out of it as well! But lets this be known, whenever any of you young men out there have an interest in a particular young woman, you need to also know that impressing her may not be your hardest obstacle, but having to get through her overly protected father is what may be the true key to her heart! ;)

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