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Pro’s Tweet: Ray Lewis


I managed to get a copy of Ray Lewis’s Tweets during the AFC Championship Game. I will be following other pro’s during games and passing them on to you.

**In case you grew up in a cave, this is all a parody and not to be taken seriously.



Pre-Game: Im painted up like a mad man. At least in Baltimore there is one team that can make the playoffs. #true

Pre-Game: #CBS cameras are on me. As usual I will act all crazy and passionate. #imafake #liketoactcrazy

Pre-Game: Some old lady is singing the national anthem and butchering it. I may butcher her after the game. #true #murder

Pre-Game: I was crying during the national anthem, but it had to nothing to do with patriotism. #shitwasawful

Pre-Game: Someone said that old lady was Janice Dickinson, sure looked like her. She shouldn’t sing. #true #oldladies

End of 1st Q: First quarter is over. Down by 3. @JoeFlacco is a bitch. #hatemyteam


2 Q: Love @BillyCundiff..just tied the game. #weregonnawinthisshit

2Q: Damn cant believe I missed the tackle on Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis. Is that a running back or law firm. #lawyername

2Q: @JoeFlacco just threw a touchdown to Pitta. Speaking of which Im hungry. #killagottoeat

2Q: @JoeFlacco is throwing the ball like he is Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon. He looks like it with that stupid moustache. #douchebag


HT: We are only down by 3. We have a reliable kicker and can win this. #GoRavens #realtalk


3Q: @JoeFlacco just threw another TD pass. Maybe that sex offender mustache really works. #gobabygo

3Q: My boy @BillyCundiff just kicked the field goal and we are up. #SuperBowl


4Q: @TomBrady just did a flip for a score. I tried to break his back. He will feel it tomorrow. #ihatebrady

4Q: That child molester @JoeFlacco just threw an #interception. Damnit. #gonnakillaqb

4Q: 1:44 left we can drive this and tie it up. #GoRavens

4Q: Billy is getting ready to kick. 31yards…#automatic #overtime

4Q: People to kill…@Billy Cundiff @JoeFlacco @oldladysingingnationalanthem


End of Game: Ignore everything Im saying on Sports Center. Im in a murderous rage. On the way to Billy’s house. Beat a rap once and can do it again. #lawyer