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Pro’s Tweet: Tiger Woods tweets at the Memorial


Here is a copy of Tiger Woods tweets during his recent win at the Memorial Tournament. I will be following other pro’s during games and passing them on to you.

**In case you grew up in a cave, this is all a parody and not to be taken seriously.


Pre-Round Driving Range:  Damn, it’s like 1pm and I’m craving some Perkins breakfast #notsohotwaitresses

Hole 1: @RickyFowler Wuz up with the orange outfit?  U want me to make u my prison bitch? #dropthesoap

Hole 6:  I’m splitting this fairway like a Perkin’s waitress #stillhungry

Hole 8: Hey @RorySabbatini 3 straight birdies. Did you hear me drive by? #whonamestheirkidRory ?

Hole 8: No way did I just miss that par putt!  Go to your home #happygilmore

Hole 12: @RickyFowler 6 over par?  Seriously?  Must have got stuck at the clown’s mouth #puttputt

Hole 15: Par 5, 529 yds. Everyone thinks that I am thinking eagle, but I’m actually thinking beaver. #pornstars #perkinswaitresses

Hole 16: #mesohorny

Hole 16: Wow, did you see that chip-in! Chip-ins and pornstars both deserve a #fistpump

Hole 18: Walking down 18 to the cheers reminds me of…….mmmm who’s the hottie in the front row #LeftysWife

Trophy Presentation: Boy, this should pull some chicks #bowchicawowow

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