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Royals Signing is Good Move Toward Post Season


Say what you want, but the Kansas City Royals signing of Bruce Chen for two years for upwards of $11 million was a huge step in the push for a title. Of course, Bruce Chen is not an opening day starter, but after leading the Royals in wins the past two seasons, Chen will be a solid fourth or fifth starter in the rotation. With the acquisition of left hander Johnathan Sanchez from the San Francisco Giants and rumors of the Royals being in the mix for pitchers such as Roy Oswalt and Mark Buehrle this could be one of the more interesting offseasons that Kansas City Royals fans have seen in a while; however, if the Royals do not make a move for a number one and two pitcher in their rotation, then the youth movement that fans have long anticiptated will be wasted. Here’s an idea, if the fans can stomach one more season of sub .500 baseball, could there be a possibility of a Zack Greinke return, along with Milwaukee pitcher Shaun Marcum? This scenario may not be as far fetched as you think. Greinke, who made it known that he wanted to leave because the Royals were too far from being a contender, might welcome talks to come back since the youth movement looks promising. Shawn Marcum is a native of Excelsior Springs, Missouri, which is 25 minutes north of Kauffman Stadium.  For now, we will keep our fingers crossed for 2012, but 2013 could be an interesting year.

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