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Well, it seems like The Tebow Show hit a roadblock in the form of the New England Patriots.  God smites the wicked, so he had to take a trip to that shithole we like to call Oakland to bend the Raiders over his heavenly knee and whoop their little bad asses for years of picking on people with stupid penalties (I know, I know…”What about the Detroit Punks Lions?” you might ask.  God had to make a tough choice, so he chose to set the example by scolding the older brother.).  And so, he wasn’t there to aid his lamb, David Tebow, as he battled the Philistines Patriots in Denver this afternoon.

With that being said, The Donkeys played admirably for a large portion of the game, demonstrating why they currently lead the AFC Worst West.  Unfortunately, self-inflicted wounds allowed the Patriots to do what they do best:  capitalize off the opposing teams’ mistakes.  It was, in my opinion, a highly entertaining (but fairly sloppy) game.  Tebow and the Donkeys actually showed me something in what turned out to be a weird day in the NFL (the Packers lose to the lowly Chi(e)fs, the Colts get their first win, and the Eagles actually looked like a football team).

I originally intended for this article to be a rant about the inordinate amount of attention that has been paid to America’s new “Golden Boy”, one Timothy Richard Tebow.  However, I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t fairly impressed with the poise he demonstrated and the progress he’s seemed to have made over the last several weeks.  While I’m not enamored with his throwing motion (it reminds me a bit of Byron Leftwich’s elongated throwing motion, but with less zip), he made several impressive throws and (for parts of the game) displayed an accuracy that I didn’t think he was capable of displaying.  His completion percentage needs to improve but I’m starting to believe that, if he’s coached up, he might be able to do that.  Denver, you may have found your QB of the future.


The division is by no means decided, and things should be interesting over the course of the next two weeks.  In the meantime:  America 42, Jesus Tebow Christ of and the Latter Day Saints 23.  The battle rages on…

I’m just sayin’.



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