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The Kyle Davies Way


Kyle Davies was fired by the Kansas City Royals and then picked up for being drunken & disorderly conduct…all within a 24 hour period. He was picked up at 3am on August 9th. Not the best week ever for Kyle. Was he so excited about getting out of Kansas City that he decided to go party it up. Or was he so depressed about his release that he drank his pain away? I have no idea!? Nick Wright spread the story all over his twitter, that caught on like wild fire.
What I do know is I’m glad he’s out of Kansas City. His epic pitching fails haunted Royals fans and left us scratching our heads…why is he worth utilizing a 6 man rotation??  Now his creepy mugshot will haunt us.

Go to google…type in Kyle Davies…the first thing that comes up when you do is… Kyle Davies worst pitcher ever.  I know Kyle has the reputation for being a decent enough guy and you wanted to get behind him when he was wearing the blue…but good riddance Davies.

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