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The Missouri Tiger ate my Bracket

This was not the Spartans team that was suppose to stand in Missouri’s way to a final four appearance.

Their was not enough alcohol in my house to prepare me for what the Missouri Tigers did to my bracket.  It wasn’t that Missouri even played bad, Newman State just played better.  Missouri shot 53% from the field, that should be enough to beat a Nixon State.  Unfortunately Nehigh State shot 54% from the field and it wasn’t necessarily bad defense by Missouri.  Prayers were answered for the Nutterbutterville St Spartans time and time again, with hail mary threes and behind the back board shots too shots that were missed so badly by them they’d get the offensive rebound put backs.

Missouri was obviously not ready for the pressure or a number two seed though.  All of those years of making fun of Kansas for losing to no name schools such as Northern Iowa or Davidson came back to bite MU fans in the butt.

Kim English was such a non factory in the game, I clenched my teeth every time he took a shot.  English finished the game 1-7 from the field.  Seeing him miss shots was more annoying than hearing Marv Albert mis-pronounce Phil Pressey’s name time and time again.  “Phil Pressley with a big shot!”.  Marv gave us one last “Pressley” with 10 seconds left in the game, when Phil “Pressley” hit a three pointer to cut the Norfolk State lead to one.

Teams traded baskets the entire game.  Every time Missouri jumped ahead by a point I just assumed this was the time MU would go on their run and put Norfolk out of their misery.  That wasn’t the case.  Every time Missouri hit a big shot, Norfolk answered.

By the five minute mark of the game I was mixing Jeremiah Weed and Pepto Bismol.  Nothing could compare me for the final minute though.  With the Tigers down by three,  Denmon chucks up a desperation three with 20 seconds left on the clock.  An ill advised shot.<another chug of pepto>  The Tigers promptly foul sending Norfolk’s Kyle O’Quinn to the line where he hits one of two giving them a four point lead.  I’m figuring game over and relax a bit.   Phil PRESSEY jets down the court and hits a deep three pointer, Tigers down by just one with 10 seconds left!! <another swig of pepto>  Tigers are back in this game!  Kim English fouls and sends Norfolk to the line where 54% free throw shooter Rodney McCauley makes the first.  He then misses the second shot so bad that Pressey and O’Quinn end up fighting for it out of bounds, possession arrow Spartans.  <chug the rest of pepto and chuck empty bottle in kitchen>  Game over right?  O’Quinn misses both free throws giving the Tigers one last shot, down by two with under 3 seconds left. In one last attempt to give me an ulcer,  Pressey gets a nice look at a three, but back rims it out.

I did the same move Pressey did after he missed his three, pulled my shirt over my head and watch my phone nearly vibrate off the table after being bombed with text messages.  Now it’s time to just sit back and wait for the wraith of KU fan.



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