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Tim Tebow is Done


Team Tebow should be embarrassed. The Denver Broncos should be ashamed. Everyone else in the AFC West should be ecstatic.

There’s not much out there I love more than seeing the Denver Broncos being more poorly ran than the Oakland Raiders. About the only thing that comes to mind that’s equally as satisfying is watching Norv Turner and the San Diego Chargers blow chunks annually in the playoffs. Before this season even started, while players were still looking for part time jobs, John Elway handed the Broncos starting quarterback job over to Tim Tebow. Now, just two deep into the preseason, Elway is all over twitter saying Tebow is a third string quarterback. Behind both Kyle Orton and guy known more for his physique than ability, Brady Quinn.

It is quite delightful knowing the Denver Broncos organization have screwed up so badly. Maybe John Elway will be the next Michael Jordan of GM’s. They’ve mangled this thing up so badly it should set them back 3-4 years. Welcome to sub .500 for the foreseeable future. You can make a mistake in the NFL, just not with your quarterback. Don’t believe me? Look no further than our own division. After the Chargers drafted Ryan Leaf in 1998, they went through 6 straight non winning seasons. This includes a 1-15 train wreck in 2000. The Chiefs made a giant mistake in 1997 when Rich Gannon led them to the playoffs only to take a back seat to Elvis Grbac in the playoffs, where the Chiefs went on to lose 14-10. The next year Grbac was the starter but often injured, splitting time with Gannon. The following year the Chiefs decided to stick with Grbac and let Rich Gannon go. The Chiefs went through 3 different coaches from 1998-2002 and didn’t return to the playoffs during that stretch after a great run prior to the mistake. The Oakland Raiders drafted the biggest bust (both figuratively and literally) ever at quarterback when they selected Jamarcus Russell. He lasted only 3 seasons with the Raiders, never winning more than 5 games in a season.

What is it exactly the Broncos even see in Tim Tebow. I keep hearing whispers of leadership. I’m sorry, I can’t trust a guy that hangs around this and at the same time preaches abstinence. It’s not just me right? I mean that’s just plain wrong. It’s one thing to get teenage college players to buy into Tebow’s rah rah cheerleader leadership, I don’t see the grown men of the NFL doing anything but rolling their eyes at this kid.

Tebow is done in Denver, even though I hope he sticks around there. Wherever he goes there are always going to be the Tebowphiles who are crying for him to get playing time. This automatically makes Timmy a cancer in any locker room he joins. There’s a bright side though Tim Tebow. You will never have to worry about taking off your purity ring to make way for a Super Bowl Ring. So please Tebow, I’m begging you…stay in Denver or get the hell out of the NFL.

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