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Todd Haley is the Favorite


Congratulations Todd.  Bodog has just released their odds on the first Head Coach to be fired this season and Todd Haley tops the list.  Not that big of a surprise considering his team has lost by a combined total of 79 points the first two weeks of the season.  Next up for the Chiefs are the San Diego Chargers.  The Chargers will be 15 point favorites in the game.  That’s reaching college football type of lines.  You don’t see too many lines in the NFL go North of 14.  Things are getting bad in Kansas City even Jay Leno is taking shots…

Well, here’s something frightening.  Scientist from NASA have said a research satellite the size of a bus will crash into the Earth on Friday.  They say they have no idea where it will land, although they say it has better odds of landing in the end zone that the Kansas City Chiefs

This quote proves two things everyone already knew.  The Chiefs are now a national joke and Jay Leno is embarassingly unfunny.

Easy Money

Here’s Bodog’s Top 5 Coaches to be Fired this season

  1. Todd Haley 3/2
  2. Tony Sparano 3/1
  3. Marvin Lewis 15/2
  4. Jack del Rio 5/1
  5. Tom Coughlin 7/1

What? No Raider Coach?  Is Al on sabbatical?

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