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Todd Haley Says Muir Will Call Plays (wink wink)


Todd Haley announced that it will indeed be offensive coordinator Bill Mair who will be calling the plays for the Kansas City Chiefs when the go up against the Buffalo Bills this Sunday.

It’s a group contribution of what we like, where we like it & kind of place that along the call sheet. But ultimately it will fall to Bill to make the decisions.

Unfortunately we were unable to see Coach Haley’s hands during this statement, so we are unable to confirm if his fingers were crossed or not. I’m unable to see Haley going a full 60 minutes, pacing back and forth on the sideline like a caged tiger, without pouncing all over the playbook & calling the shots himself. It’s not in Haley’s nature to give control up and everyone knows the offense is Haley’s baby, especially now with the departure of Weisz.

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