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Super Bowl Weekend Wipeout


Subject 1: KU at MU: One of the best rivalries in all of the land. I halfway have to call MU a bitch for running off the SEC. That would have a better chance in any and all sports programs staying in the Big 12 -? I’ve said it before and I will say it again. MU will be the cell bitch of the SEC football and basketball, who gives a shit about baseball and all the other sports. This will be one of the final meetings of these two. Who will respective KU and MU fans hate on now? If you go to any social site there is more shit talking when these two play than a Maury Povich show and five way DNA test. None the less today’s matchup in Columbia will be one that I am watching. I have given shit to MU all year for playing a soft schedule. Beating Baylor on the road gave them some street cred, if they can take care of business today it will give them even more. KU is doing better than I expected them to do this year, and can’t really talk too much smack about them, it’s a rebuilding year. Anytime though I see the arrogant Lawrence faithful have a bad year or loss though I can’t help but giggle. Today’s game will give me a chance to giggle even more….MU by 6.


Subject 2: Kentucky at South Carolina: I sense a disturbance in the force. This really feels like a trap game. Kentucky never plays well at South Carolina. While Kentucky is not the best team in the nation, they will win the national championship this year. Today though I really fear that the Big Blue Machine is going to drop one against the Game Cocks. Say it with me Game Cocks…that mascot ranks right up there with the Oregon State Beavers and the Wichita State Shockers. One big happy perverse group of mascots. If Kentucky can go into SC and blow the Cocks off the floor, call it lights out…the Big Blue machine will be for real. If they lose or its close, it just shows that Calipari’s philosophy or recruiting one and dones is flawed and most likely 7 years from now Kentucky will be on probation for recruiting violations and Calipari will be on to a new program to mess it up after he is gone. I don’t like the smell of this Cock fest. South Carolina by 6.


Subject 3: UFC 143: Who gives a shit….




Subject 4: The Super Bowl: I really did not want to see this matchup. It’s a reminder how the Pat’s got screwed out of the perfect season in 2007 and we have to listen to Don Shula and the 72 Dolphins crap about how they are the best team of all time, even though the Pats did win more games than they did. I still think Eli Manning should be MVP this year; he has played consistent all year and has done more with less. Without him the Giants would not be in the Super Bowl. RGronk is out, but I think Tom Brady can still make stuff happen. Congrats to Ochocinco on his first Super Bowl. The Giants defense has been playing at a wicked rate through the playoffs. This truly will be a good game. Until today I thought the Giants would probably win, but I think I’m going to take the Patriots by 3, and I have a feeling we may see overtime. Other picks for the Super Bowl. Madonna will suck. The over/under on social site comments regarding the Super Bowl has been set 1 million. The over/under on commercial comments have been set at 2million. 500 people will get STD’s at Super Bowl parties. 200 people will get knocked up. 700 people will puke from drinking too much and Rug Doctor Rentals will go through the roof late Sunday Night/Early Monday Morning. Tim Tebow will mentioned 300 times during Super Bowl coverage. I will be passed out by 11pm, no puking.