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Weekend Wipeout


Subject One: Giants at the Niner’s: The last time this was a relevant matchup people like Ronnie Lott, Lawrence Taylor, Phil Simms, Tom Rathman were the main characters. Even though I don’t like the new version of this rivalry it should still make for a good game. The guy that should be MVP…Eli Manning has the Giants offense clicking and I have to admit the Giants defense is looking killer. After all look what they did to the Packers last week. Then on the other hand you have Alex Smith who proved last week he could survive in a shootout and the Niner’s defense was tore up. Both teams had emotional wins last week and could be subject to an emotional let down this week. There is no way to pick a clear winner. Who do I want to win? San Francisco. Who do I think will win? The Giants. Coughlin and the boys have been here before and know how to deal with it and get through. On top of that I know everyone is saying how this team reminds them of the 07 Giants and yes they do, but they also remind of last years Packers that got hot at the right time and won the Super Bowl. Can they this year? Who knows…this has been a crazy year in the NFL and it’s anybody’s trophy, of the teams that is left that is…


Subject Two: Ravens at the Pats: Tom Brady stepped on the field last week and looked at Tim Tebow and said “I am the only real quarterback here bitch.” Not a moment too soon. Tebow was to the NFL as Larry The Cable Guy is to the comedy world…sure people love them but they both suck. I know one thing Joe Flacco needs to shave that idiotic Fu-Man-Chu moustache. I want to kick a cat every time I look at it. What the hell are you Flacco a quarterback or a singer in a 70’s rock band? You look like you live in a trailer park. You played like that last week as well. Of course the Ravens defense last week played well enough to get by a team playing with a rookie 3rd string quarterback…not saying much. The Patriots defense has given up more play this year than my ex-wife did while we were married. Both of them are too easy to penetrate. I don’t know what to make of this game. Going with the Pats though because of New England’s high octane offense and the fact that they are the home team.


Subject Three: Miami Dolphins: Hey idiots did you want to win again? Oh wait that is right I forgot that jackoff Carl Peterson is working for you all. He is an expert in putting together a sub-par product and exciting the fans about it. Since they couldn’t get Jeff Fisher of course the next best thing out there was Joe Philbin, the Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator. That’s like me wanting a Corvette and then settling for Ford Escort. I’m sure everyone’s saying hey Green Bay has had a good offense. Sure they have…when you have the talent they do….I could call flea flicker plays all game and look like a genius. I think the humidity in Miami is making people stupid.


Subject Four: MU vs. Baylor: If MU can go into Baylor and win this weekend I may be willing to give them some half acknowledgment as a legitimate team. I don’t think that is going to happen though. Baylor is too big and MU does not match up well. Don’t feel bad with Baylor loosing this week to KU, don’t be surprised if the Top 25 voters, vote Duke to Number 1 this next week. I will never understand why the voters have such a damn crush on Duke and North Carolina…its idiotic.



See you all Monday for the Hangover…



Love Doug


Doug Cheatham