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Weekly Royals Report in ADHD

  • Royals acquired left-handed pitchers Jonathan Sanchez and Ryan Verdugo from the San Francisco Giants for outfielder Melky Cabrera.  The addition of Sanchez immediatley improves the rotation for the Royals and inserting Lorenzo Cain for Melky at center field significantly improves the Royals defense.  While Sanchez doesn improve the rotation, it didn’t quite address the Royal’s need for a number one starter yet.  It was a smart move by Kansas City selling Melky at his peak stock value.
  • Topprospectalert.com released the top 15 Royal prospects for 2012.  1.Bubba Sterling-OF 2. Wil Myers-OF 3.Cheslor Cuthbert-3b.  Read the rest of the top 15 here.
  • Speculations rose that Royals have sold the naming rights to Kauffman Stadium, but the team is in denial.  Hopefully they don’t remove Mr.Kauffman’s name from the stadium, although I’m surprised it’s not already been renamed to Wal Mart Stadium.
  • No doubts here.  The Royals name Alex Gordon as Player of the Year.  This coming just a day after Alex won the 2012 golden glove for left field.  Alex had a career year for the Royals last season, but that doesn’t mean he’s done yet

    Golden Gordon

I haven’t been in the playoffs yet.  First, you have to get to the playoffs and then you go from there.  You look at the Cardinals.  They were probably not the favorite team to win the World Series or even to make the post season.  So it can happen.

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