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Why LeBron James 61 Points Received More Attention Than Carmelo Anthony’s 62


A lot has happened in the NBA over the past 24 hours with non-stop talk and praise for LeBron James after dropping 61 points in the Miami Heat’s 124-107 victory over the Charlotte Bobcats. I and many others have noticed that Carmelo Anthony’s performance from over a month ago when he put 62 points in a 124-95 victory for the New York Knicks over coincidentally the Bobcats as well. Not that James performance does not deserve praise and admiration, but  many are asking why did not Carmelo Anthony get the same type of media buzz? I see people talking about Lebron James 61 points and looking back and reflecting on Kobe Bryant’s 81 points during a game in 2006. I never saw the media make any references between Anthony’s 62 points and Bryant’s 81 points, and if there was, it was barely mentioned.

Lets not beat around the bush here though because the answer is simple, James is the poster child for the NBA and they will use and market his name because they know it will draw attention and money. Not that Carmelo does not draw any revenue for the league in his own rights, but the truth is Lebron James is the NBA’s meal ticket. Also, look at it this way as well, a lot of people may not like LeBron because they feel he is catered to during games and by the league in general. The NBA can still take a negative and turn it into a positive because they know if you are not watching LeBron to cheer for him, you are watching in hopes to see him fail. Like a sore tooth, even though you should not touch it you continue to do so to see if it still hurts!


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